Kastani Beach Bar

Kastani Beach Bar is located in Kastani Beach, the beach of Mamma Mia film!!!

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Kastani Beach Bar is located on the most popular beach of Skopelos, Kastani beach. The Hollywood producers of Mamma Mia! chose Kastani to be the beach of Donna, as well as the place where most of the shooting took place. Kastani beach is located on the west side of Skopelos.

The crystal clear turquoise water, the pines that almost touch the waves make this majestic spot one of a kind! Kastani Beach Bar is an excellent place full of green near the sea. Everything in the bar operates well and the personnel is friendly.

At Kastani Beach Bar there are light snacks, sandwiches, salads, and other food served. There are also coffees, refreshments, juices, beers, and of course a variety of summer cocktails to cover all tastes. Moreover, Kastani Beach Bar offers sun loungers and umbrellas.

Many couples prefer Kastani Beach Bar for their marriages and the party after!

Kastani Beach bar is also famous for the great parties and events organized every summer. Great happenings with famous DJs, loud music, a lot of dance and full of joy!!

The small bar shown in Mamma Mia was just a mock-up for the film. During your visit, you won’t see the wooden pier mock-up and bar because they were removed after the shooting. 

Kastani beach is next to Milia beach. Drivers should take care while arriving at Kastani beach since the last 500 m. of the road is not covered by asphalt.

The beautiful and popular Kastani beach is 15 km from Skopelos Town if you follow the short road. It takes about 22 minutes by car to reach Kastani Beach. From the ring road, passing Stafylos and Agnontas, the distance Kastani – Chora Skopelos is 21 km.

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