Elios-Neo Klima Village

Elios is also know as Neo Klima

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Elios- Neo Klima is one of the most blessed areas of Skopelos with respect to natural resources. It is where the mouth of a fresh-water torrent coming from Delfi Mountain ends. Therefore, there is a lush pine forest surrounding the small fisherman village which literally ends in the waters of the Aegean Sea. The most popular beach in Elios – Neo Klima Village is Hovolo beach.

Elios – Neo Klima Village is about 7 km from Glossa port, Loutraki.  On the other hand, it is about 24 km from Skopelos town if you take the coastal road through Agnontas. Whereas following the Agios Riginos road is 18 km from Skopelos port. By car, you will need about 7 minutes from Glossa village and 20 to 25 minutes from Skopelos Town to reach there.

Elios or otherwise Neo Klima village has been recently developed. Specifically, in 1981 the residents of Palio Klima moved to this location for creating new residences. Palio Klima is located a few kilometers away. But that village faced damages due to a major earthquake, in 1965. So, the earthquake consequences, the continuous landslides, and the strong desire of people to be close to the sea are the main reasons for the creation of Neo Klima, at Skopelos.

Elios- Neo Klima, on Skopelos island, is superb for visitors. The warm hospitality of its residents and its modern facilities create an excellent choice for tourists. Elios Neo Klima village also features a playground, as well as a basketball and football field. You will find a lot of taverns and restaurants, too. Moreover, a marina for boats is provided. There are many hotels studios and apartments for a pleasant stay in the area.

Neo Klima 370 03 Elios-Neo Klima Village, Skopelos 370 03, Greece
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Elios-Neo Klima Village