Lithadiotis Yorgos

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Skopelos Artists

Giorgos Lithodiotis is a third-generation lantern-maker. His grandfather, Kanaris Lithodiotis, was the first to make elegant lanterns with various ornaments on them and a separate technique.

At that time the lanterns were very useful as there was no electricity. So there was a lantern outside every house as well as every monastery and church. They were also used by the grooms on the island, as the custom was for them to take a lantern to the brides house.

George Lithadiotis learned the art of his father Vasilis, since he was a young child next to him. He made lanterns with many stamps, with daisies of the same material. Lanterns that hung on horses and wagons. They filled all of Skopelos, Glossa and Skiathos.

He produces the traditional lantern and naval traffic lights used by the ships. He has the art inside him. From his grandfather and his father.

Since 1978 he has his own store and in his workshop he works with galvanized steel, copper, zinc and tin as well as copper, alpaca and brass which as a material, is softer and more durable. He also manufactures jewelry made of silver.

The lamps manufactured by Mr. Lithodiotis are truly unique and can be found at Fanari, the shop he has with his wife Ourania in Skopelos Town.

Here you will also find silver jewelry, copper creations and folk art. The phone number of the shop is 2424022530, the phone of the workshop 2424023091 and it is located in the area of ​​Sofadakia.