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Kiratso Kitchen Taverna is located in the old harbor of Skopelos Town, featuring beautiful sea views. The taverna offers a family-friendly atmosphere, as well as well-cooked homemade dishes, well-baked roasts, fresh seafood, cool salads and delicious appetizers.

Furthermore, in Kyratso Kitchen Taverna, in Skopelos Town, you will find impeccable service, traditional flavors and delicious appetizers. The staff is friendly and polite. Additionally, all the dishes are prepared by Mrs. Kiratso herself with local products. The specialties of the menu, among others, are the stew dusky grouper and the twisted cheese pie.

Moreover, in Kiratso Kitchen taverna you will have the opportunity to enjoy live Greek music. So the nights in Skopelos Town have more fun.

Kiratso Kitchen Taverna, in the old harbor of Skopelos Town, is almost under Panagitsa of Pyrgos. Panagitsa of Pirgos is in the the edge of Skopelos Town and is a very popular chapel. In fact is a famous sightseeing that attracts many visitors. Just climb a few stairs and enjoy the endless sea. The view is breathtaking.




Skopelos 370 03 KYRATSO'S KITCHEN, Skopelos, Greece
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