Ntokos Cafe Bar

Skopelos, Cafe, Bar, Nightlife
Mobile Phone: + 30 697 929 3393

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Ntokos Cafe Bar is located centrally on Skopelos beach in Chora. There are many reasons to visit Ntokos Cafe Bar in Skopelos. It is a famous spot for those who love the nightlife of Skopelos. Moreover, it is an ideal place for breakfast or afternoon coffee as well as for evening drinks or cocktails.

Ntokos Cafe Bar, in Skopelos Town, is open from morning until late at night. It is open also in the winter season. At the tables outside someone can sit alone, with his family or with his friends. In the mornings and during the day you can enjoy your coffee. In front of the cafeteria, there is a playground.

Furthermore,  Ntokos Coffee Bar offers great drinks, an amazing location, and epic music! Dj  IOANNIS G, (who is also the owner), organizes also “long play records” parties. Additionally at Ntokos Cafe Bar there are taken place many parties. Such as Christmas, Carnival, Disco, Latin, etc. In fact, dance music is ideal for unforgettable nights.

At Ntokos Cafe Bar someone will enjoy a variety of cocktails. The service is excellent and the staff friendly and polite.

Moreover, at Ntokos Cafe Bar you can enjoy your morning coffee and then continue the excursion to Skopelos green beaches. Skopelos Island is famous for the beauty of its beaches. Especially for the wonderful combination of the green of nature with the blue of the sea. Since the pine trees are literally rooted in the sea.

Skopelos 370 03 Ntokos Bar, Skopelos, Greece
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