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Terpsis Restaurant is located on the road from Skopelos Town to Stafilos village. In fact, it is on the 3o kilometer from Skopelos Town to Stafylos. The lovely family restaurant has been operating since 1960. From then till nowadays Terpsis is welcoming and satisfied guests, in the beautiful cool courtyard with the lake and swans, offering high-quality gastronomic dishes.

At Terpsis Taverna, you will enjoy delicious dishes cooked with fresh products and timeless recipes. The menu includes grilled juicy meat and tasteful cooked dishes. The special dish of Terpsis is the temptingly delicious stuffed chicken, a secret grandmother’s recipe, which you must order at least one day in advance. The filling of the chicken contains walnuts, plumps, and chicken livers.

Being in Terpsis Restaurants on Skopelos Island, you should also taste the beef either cooked in tomato sauce or in lemon sauce. Moreover, you can also taste the burgers, pork chops, and the kontosouvli. The appetizers are delicious as well and the salads are always fresh.

In the quiet courtyard of Terpsis restaurant, you can relax and enjoy some cold drinks as well. The location and the wonderful setting allow moments of fun and relaxation.

The warm environment and the tranquil ambiance, at the Terpsis Restaurant in Stafylos, on Skopelos island, will fascinate you. The service is also excellent. The Terpsis Restaurant is open from 19:00 until late afternoon.

Stafylos 370 03 GR
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