Karkatzouna, Kalives

Between Palio and Neo klima there are the unspoiled beaches of Karkatzouna and Kalives.

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The lush island of Skopelos is full of natural beauties. The unique combination of green on blue passes the majestic landscapes of this greek island to the upper level.

If you are a sea lover then you will instantly fall in love with the beaches of Skopelos island. In most cases the water is deep blue, crystal clear, and deep. The pine trees create a natural shadow on the shore.
On the greenest island of the Aegean, there is a variety of beaches to explore. Of Course, there are the popular beaches, the family beaches, the beach bars, the beaches near Skopelos Chora, the beaches reach only by boat even nudist beaches.

No matter what suits you best, you will definitely find the swimming place that is ideal for you.
Since there are numerous of amazing beaches,  coves and swimming place.

Some wonderful beaches to discover on Skopelos island are Karkatzouna and Kalives. In more details between Palio and Neo Klima ( Elios) there are the extraordinary Karkatzouna beach skopelos and Kalives beach skopelos. You will find those amazing beaches near the Armenopetra beach skopelos.

Karkatzouna beach is actually between Armenopetra beach and New Klima. It is not organized, so you should have your own sea equipment, as well as your food and drink. Nevertheless, the natural area of the beach has limited human activity. The landscape is still virgin. the water is crystal clear. It is a relatively small beach. If you have a pet, he can join your swimming.

Kalives beach is next to Armenopetra beach and very close to Glossa Village. Be careful since there is no so easy access. While driving on the main road turn on a dirt road for Armenopetra beach. You should be careful because the downhill dirt road is narrow and rough. You can drive or go down by foot following the narrow road.  A hint: nudism is allowed here.

Being in Armenopetra beach, you can even swim to reach Karkatzouna and Kalyves.

Both Karkatzouna and Kalives beach are approximately 17 km away from Skopelos Chora and 5 km away from Glossa Village.

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