Armenopetra Beach

The immaculate view and the crisp blue water of Armenopetra beach will reimburse you for your trouble

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Armenopetra Beach, in Skopelos, is a wide beach with sand, white pebbles, and stones. Throughout the coast, there is white sandstone, creating a scenery of luminous lanes. On Armenopetra beach you can enjoy idyllic sunsets.  The beauty of the natural landscape is amazing since the pine trees stretch their shadow right over the turquoise waters. It is the perfect place for those who prefer to spend some peaceful moments.

On Armenopetra beach, in Skopelos, there are no sunbeds, umbrellas, or beach bars. Therefore you should be equipped with basic stuff, such as water and food. The road that leads to the beach is very narrow, so you must be extremely careful. But once you get there the immaculate view and the crisp blue water will reimburse you for your trouble. The beach is famous for its emblematic white rock formation on the left side.

Typically, the water maintains a consistently refreshing to chilly temperature, indicating the presence of subterranean flowing water. Observe the landscape, where you’ll discern slender trees, a characteristic more prevalent on the island’s northern side. Armenopetra, particularly in winter, experiences the impact of robust northwest winds, as it faces the open expanse of the sea.

It is a rather secluded beach and the route there is not easy. While on the main road of Skopelos, turn on a dirt road. The downhill dirt road is narrow and rough, it will take you about 7 minutes to reach Armenopetra beach. But the crystal clear waters combined with the blue sky and the pine trees, that have almost rooted in the sea, will reward your effort.

Armenopetra Beach is located after Neo Klima – Elios Village. From that location, you can see Glossa, the island’s second-largest village, and Loutraki port. In this location, marvel at exquisite sunsets and panoramic vistas extending to the charming village of Glossa. It is approximately 21,5 km from Skopelos Town. So, by car, you will need about 30 minutes to get there.



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Armenopetra Beach