Ekatopenintari Beach

Be ready to take in the full beauty of Skopelos Island once there

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Wouldn’t it be idyllic to sit under a pine tree on the edge of the sea? You could have that satisfaction on Ekatopenintari beach, on Skopelos island. On that beach the pine trees stretch their shadow right over the crystal clear blue green waters. Moreover, the landscape has also sand and white pebbles.  Those are the main characteristics of Ekatopenontari beach, that make it a true jewel of Skopelos beaches.

If it sounds unreal you only have to visit the beach, next to Ftelia beach . Ekatopenintari beach, on Skopelos island,  is located between the beaches of Kastani and Holovo. The specific area is a”prime” one, since it has the most beautiful beaches on the island, isolated and accessible only by the sea.

Ekatopenintari beach is surrounded by pine trees, with emerald waters, sand and pebbles, and on the right side a pine tree stands unconventionally on the rock and casts its shade all the way to the water. Be ready to enjoy the full beauty of Skopelos from there, but go prepared because there are no facilities as access is only by boat.


Σκόπελος 370 03 Ekatopenintari Beach, Skopelos 370 03, Greece
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