The seaside village of Neo Klima or Elios in Skopelos is a blessed place as it is rich in natural resources. Elios is built right where a freshwater stream from Delphi Mountain ends. Mount Delphi has the highest peak of Skopelos.

Elios Neo Klima Village skopelos , villages skopelos

The entire length of Neo Klima Village is by the sea and ends literally in the Aegean Sea, where the beaches finish in the sand and small pebbles. Also, the picturesque fishing village is surrounded by mountains covered by pine forests. The two beaches of the village are Elios beach and Hovolo beach.

Elios – Neo Klima is 24 km away from Skopelos Town if you follow the coastal road that runs through Stafylos and Agnontas. If you take the road from Agios Riginos the distance is 18 km from Skopelos port and you will need approximately 25 minutes by car. Neo Klima is just 7 km from Glossa village, a 7-minute drive away.

NEO KLIMAELIOSElios Neo Klima Village skopelos , villages skopelos

Elios –  Neo Klima is located on the west side of Skopelos. The western orientation along with the green cliffs offers guests idyllic views of the beaches and magical sunsets.

The inhabitants of Elios village are extremely active and they always take care of their place with love. Christmas of Klima (klimatiana) and carnival customs are well known.

In the village of Neo Klima, there is the football team A.O. KERAUNOS.

Occasionally locals have participated in pan-Hellenic events such as the “let’s do it Greece project” (voluntary beach cleaning, etc.) and the Akropolis Jet Raid World Championships hosted in the New Klima port.


Every summer, lovers of Elios visit it to enjoy the magnificent sea, comfortable accommodation, good traditional dining in the taverns, and fun in the cafes.

Elios Neo Klima Village skopelos , neo klima port skopelos, villages skopelos

In addition at Neo Klima, there is a playground for small guests, as well as a basketball and football court. There is a gas station in the village of Elios, for refueling, a local bus stop, and a taxi. The village has a mini market and seasonal shops.

A marina has recently been set up in Neo Klima port. There you have the opportunity to anchor your boat.

the history of neo- Klima

The settlement of New Klima was created only in 1981. The locals decided to move to the seaside to develop a more touristy settlement. In addition, the great earthquake that occurred in 1965 almost destroyed the village of Palio Klima, where they lived until then. The reasons that prompted the inhabitants of the Palio Klima to move are the destruction of the village by the earthquake, the constant landslides, and the people’s desire to be near the sea.

palio klima village skopelos, villages skopelos

Palio Klima is 3 km away from Elios. A special feature is its stone houses. In recent years most people have renovated their homes.

where the name elios comes from

Skopelos is an island full of legends. The fearless female pirate Adrina, Prince Stafilos, and Saint Riginos. Each name hides some of the island’s interesting history. Part of this story is the picturesque Elios.

The legend related to Elios claims that about 800 years ago a terrible dragon appeared in Skopelos, killing the islanders. No one could live in Skopelos anymore. Hopefully, Saint Riginos informed of this tragic situation, came to Skopelos and destroyed the monster.

Elios Neo Klima Village skopelos , villages skopelos

Elios Beach got its name when Saint Riginos landed on Skopelos, found in the Neo Clima area, and exclaimed, “Where in God’s mercy (eleos) is the monster”.


The beach of Neo KlimaElios extends along with the settlement, next to the port. Moreover, the unspoiled beauty landscape is full of pebbles, small and large, blue sea sand, and pine green.

Skopelos Elios Beach, neo klima elios village, villages skopelos

The organized beach of Neo KlimaElios features sun loungers and umbrellas which are mainly provided by beach taverns and cafes.Skopelos Elios Beach, neo klima elios village, villages skopelos

Furthermore, the waters are crystal clear and the pattern remains constant, as on all beaches in Skopelos, pine trees rooting almost into the sea.


In order to reach Hovolo Beach, you will need to walk in a rocky area. The reward for this little bother comes to you when you look at the beauty of Hovolos. For your information, Hovolo Beach has voted in 2016 as the 8th best Greek beach. Likewise, the specific beach has been included in the Telegraph’s list of the 17 most beautiful beaches in Greece.


Moreover, Hovolo beach has exotic beauty combining the fine sand with the white rocks and the crystal turquoise waters all surrounded by pine forests.

Hovolo beach is not organized but just a few meters away there is theMadalaki Beach bar“.

hovolo beach skopelos, neo klima elios skopelos, villages skopelos

Hiking in Neo Klima

The village of Neo Klima is under a series of captivating pine-covered mountains. In fact, if you love hiking then you are in the perfect place.

Some of the trails are marked. You only have to ask the people of Elios to identify you for the most appropriate paths. After all, they know in every detail the routes worth taking from the Neo Klima village to the forest.

elios neo klima skopelos, hiking skopelos, villages skopelos

There are some very interesting trails of ancient goats that reach quite high above Elios. At the end of these trails, you will enjoy magnificent views of the vast ocean and the surrounding islands.

So make sure you have the equipment you need and wear the right shoes. Be sure to bring along plenty of water, solid food, and your athletic mood, and your adventure begins.


Skopelos has two large mountains, Delphi and Palouki. Delphi is the tallest with an altitude of 680 meters. One would say that Delphi dominates the horizon and is visible from most areas of the island. As already mentioned it is covered by a pine forest. Mountain Delphi is only accessible on foot. An experienced hiker will surely enjoy the climb to Delphi and admire the magnificent 360-degree view of Skopelos. However, you should be aware that this hike is extremely difficult and all necessary safety precautions must be followed.

DIVING at neo klimaelios

Skopelos is also of great interest in the scuba diving sector. The seabed itself causes exploration. There are even shipwrecks to visit.

This is why a fully organized diving center on the island of Skopelos operates. Skopelos Dive is located in Panormos at the Adrina Beach Hotel. It provides all the necessary equipment and know-how. You can even get a diving certification if you truly decide.
skopelos scuba diving dive center sporades diving, adrina beach hotel

Some “diving” excursions start from the port of Neo Klima.


At Neo Klima, you will find tavernas and restaurants that cater to all tastes. There are traditional fish tavernas in the port, that serve also both cooked dishes and grilled meats. It is the Captain Spyros taverna, the Vaggelis taverna, and the Manolis taverna.

To have the famous greek souvlaki visit the grill house Nikos tou Rali. The best hearts who are looking for a special”dish” should go to the taverna tsipouradiko of Tasos.

In addition, for more distinctive flavors visit the Oasis restaurant and the Hovolo 5 Platania restaurant.

Overall, the food in Neo Klima will make you happy!

Skopelos Elios Neo Klima Village, villages skopelos


Apart from the wonderful location, the enchanting beaches, and the well-cooked food in Neo Klima, Elios village offers you moments of relaxation and fun.

Don’t miss out on a coffee, a drink, or a summer cocktail at the cool Madalaki Cafe, Beach bar !!

Another place to visit is the alternative Palataki Wine Bar. Warm environment, relaxing music, a variety of beers, wine, and cocktails, and if you’re hungry a hearty burger will certainly satisfy your appetite.


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