Linarakia Panormos

Linarakia is right next to Panormos beach. Is a small quiet beach only for few people.

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Panormos beach in Skopelos is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Linarakia is right next to Panormos beach. It is a small quiet beach only for a few people. Actually, all beaches of Skopelos island are extremely beautiful.

What makes Skopelos beaches so extraordinary is the rich lushness of the island. For those who do not know Skopelos island is the greenest of the Northern Sporades and the Aegean. More than 80% of the island’s area is covered by pine forests. The special feature of Skopelos is its green beaches. The pines literally take root on the shore of the sea. Skopelos has also the title of green on the blue island.

Linarakia Panormos Skopelos beach is between Panormos beach and Adrines. It has fine pebbles and crystal-clear deep waters. There are no umbrellas or sun loungers, you should have your own beach equipment. Moreover, there is a hotel and a beach bar nearby as well as a restaurant with exactly the same name. Linarakia restaurant.

The locals call this small beach Linarakia. Skopelos beaches linarakia. However, it is a small beach and only a few people can be there at the same time. You have to walk a little bit to find the spot.

Linarakia Panormos Skopelos is approximately 12 kilometers away from Skopelos Chora. By car is more or less around 20 minutes.

On the other side of the majestic Panormos Beach is the absolutely beautiful bay of Blo. Most of the people approach the bay of blo panormos Skopelos by boat. Although there is a walking path, actually a dirt road, before the Panormos turn.

Blo is a great shelter for boats. It is protected by the winds. In fact, swimming at Blo feels like swimming in a lake.

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