Loutraki Beach, Katakalou Beach

Loutraki Beach in Glossa Skopelos is an organized, pebble beach, where you can happily swim.

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Loutraki Beach in Loutraki port of Glossa Village is organized. The beach has pebbles and you should be a little careful since it is somehow steep. Therefore,  at Loutraki Seaport, there is an organized, pebble beach, where you can enjoy your swimming. The waters are crystal clear and Loutraki Beach, the beach of Glossa Village is a large one.  At the same time, you will have a lot of choices in a drinking cafe or dining in Loutraki Beach Skopelos. Since there are a lot of tavernas and cafes at Loutraki port.

Loutraki port is the seaport of Glossa Village and the second port of Skopelos. It is the first stop you reach coming from the mainland of Greece or Skiathos island. Loutraki glossa skopelos.

Being at this beautiful beach outside Loutraki port you should stay until the afternoon to enjoy the unique sunset.

Glossa beach is named Loutraki beach skopelos. It is approximately 25km to the northwest of Skopelos Chora. Depending on which road you will follow. Loutraki is 28.5 kilometers away from Skopelos port. Following  Agios Riginos Road you will need approximately  40 minutes. On the other hand,  if you prefer to drive from the coastal road, the distance from Skopelos Town is 33 km. So, either way by car you will need about 45 minutes to reach Loutraki Beach.

From a historical point of view, it is very interesting to know that on the other side of Loutraki Beach Skopelos is Katakalou Beach Skopelos. This name comes from the ancient Roman baths Skopelos. That was the area “Katakalou” where the roman built their baths. After All Roman baths were used not only for hygiene reasons but also as the main spot of social life.

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Loutraki Beach, Katakalou Beach