Divino is a fresh entry in Skopelos Town, under the plane tree, offering coffees, smoothies and street food

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A new fresh entry in the Skopelos town just arrived. Divino skopelos street food is here.

Divino is located in Delitsikou square. You will enjoy not only coffees and proper food but also the coolness of the plane tree.

Divino skopelos is open from 10:00 in the morning till late at night.

In the morning there is a variety of arabica coffees, fresh juices , organic sugar free ice tea as well as many smoothies to choose your favorite.

If you are hungry make you own sandwich or crepa or order one from the menu. On the menu there are many interesting options.  Pasta with three different sauces daily, burgers, club sandwiches and many other delicious choices.

If you wish to stay there to enjoy your food seat at the comfortable tables. There is always the take away option and after 17:00 am there is delivery service.

Divino Skopelos is close to Panagitsa of Pyrgos. Enjoy your food under the coolness of the plane tree or take it take away. Then continue your evening by climbing the stairs to Panagitsa of Pyrgos. This beautiful church is one of Skopelos trademark. There are many card postals with the picture of Panagitsa. No doubt it is a worth visiting spot.

In fact in the traditional chora of Skopelos there are many places to visit. Nevertheless Skopelos Chora has the official title of the traditional settlement. Especially because of the house architecture.

Have your dinner in Divino Skopelos and enjoy many walks in Skopelos town alleys.

You can also visit the museums of Skopelos. The folklore museum of Skopelos, the Pavlos Nirvana Mansion as well as the Vakratsa Mansion.





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