Megalo Pefko

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Skopelos Beaches

Skopelos island is famous for its crystal clear and beautiful beaches. This is the greenest island in the Aegean and Northern Sporades. Over 80% of the area of the island is covered by pine forests. Therefore, the special characteristic of Skopelos is its lush beaches. The pines literally take root in the sea. Skopelos has the definition of green on the blue island.

There are many amazing beaches to visit on Skopelos island. Each one has its own natural beauty. If you are looking for a secluded beach then you should go to Megalo Pefko Beach.

Due to its difficult accessibility is Megalo Pefko beach in Skopelos is a quiet one. Megalo Pefko as the beaches of Ftelia, Ekatopenintari and Agios Ioannis Cave and some more,  belong to the category of less crowded beaches.

Megalo Pefko beach  in Skopelos is located between Hovolo Beach and Kastani Beach.  In order to reach that beach you have to swim or rent a kayak because there is no leading path to it. You can either rent a boat from Elios, Panormos or Skopelos town to visit Megalo Pefko beach.

No matter how you will reach Megalo Pefko beach, you will immediately fall in love with the enchanting scenery. After swimming and exploring the excellent seabed of the Megalo Pefko beach, you can relax and enjoy the idyllic sunset, with the gorgeous and magical colors reflected in the sky and sea.

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