Experience Hiking - Trekking in the majestic footpaths of Skopelos Island

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Trekking- Hiking in Skopelos


Skopelos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, with unique scenery and vast greenery. It is also famous for its splendid nature and scenic footpaths.

There are many who combine their holidays with hiking, as the landscapes overlooking the pine forests, the beaches, and the picturesque villages compensate the visitors.

In the last few years, the island’s walking paths have become more functional and accessible, and the people who love walking volunteer to make sure the paths have signs, as well as remain clear.

Skopelos offers visitors the opportunity to walk on beautiful countryside trips and to be compensated by the flowers, the plane trees, the pine trees, and the unique scents of nature in an unforgettable experience. At the same time, they have the opportunity, through this activity, to experience many religious monuments, monasteries, and attractions.

On the island of Skopelos, hikers can choose among interesting hikes. The Skopelos trails are magnificent.


The routes we recommend are as follows:

  • From Skopelos Town to Mountain Palouki, on a path where one can visit the historic monasteries of the island, enjoying a unique view.
  • Skopelos-Stafylos- Velanio: A 5km route starting from Skopelos Town and ending on two very beautiful beaches of the island.
  • German-beach Keramoti. : A truly wonderful path that follows the flow of a small river in the gorge of Keramoti, about 4.5 km.
  • Skopelos-Delphi: A 3 km route that approaches the highest peak of the island.
  • Palio Klima to Loutraki and Glossa.

If you will be visiting Skopelos, make sure you have sports shoes with you because the island’s morphology and beauties may entice you to explore the island on foot.

Furthermore, there are some common routes of Skopelos with the names T1, T2, T3, T4, and T5. The names are given for the convenience of walkers. You can also get relevant maps at Skopelos port, so you can choose the routes you want to follow:

T1 Skopelos Town Route – Palouki Mountain Top and Monasteries

T2 Route Vatos (from Palouki mountain) to Holy Monastery of Taxiarches and Agia Anna

T3 Skopelos – Agios Konstantinos – Pigi Tzelali

T4 Paleo KlimaLoutraki

T5 LoutrakiGlossa - Listing QR Code