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Ηiking tourism is constantly growing. In the past, people had the perspective that hiking referred mostly to the older generation. Or that trekking has to do with an uphill race.  However, the benefits of physical exercise and direct contact with nature are plenty. All the experts advise us to walk and practice hiking in order to relieve stress and have a better life quality.

In fact, hiking has many benefits for both body and mind. Due to the health benefits, trekking has nowadays become popular among younger people who start fanatically practicing it.

Some people are more privileged because they are lucky enough to live in the provinces and on the islands. Those for whom walking is part of their everyday life because of the landscape they live in. Those who live in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the concrete.

More specifically, we are referring to the inhabitants of the lush green island of Skopelos.

Skopelos Panormos Village Port Aerial Photo

They are so lucky to be able to live around the sea and the mountain. They can swim at any time, as well as hiking at any time.

Skopelos is the largest of the islands of the Northern Sporades complex. Moreover, Skopelos, covered more than 80% with pine forests, is the greenest island of the Aegean Sea. In Skopelos, there are also two mountains. The Delphi (681 m/2,234 ft), in the center, and Palouki (546 m/1,791 ft) is in the southeast of the island.

Skopelos trekking hiking

The geography of the island by itself creates a lot of trails that are adorable to walk in. In addition to the green natural landscape, there are volunteers who keep the island’s paths and natural crossings clear and distinct.

Skopelos trekking hiking


The recommended trails are as follows:

  • Skopelos Town to Mountain Palouki. Once getting to Palouki visit the historic monasteries of the island and enjoy the majestic view to Chora and the Aegean Sea.
  • Skopelos-Stafylos- Velanio. An easy route for beginners. Starting in Chora, you end up walking about 5 km to the popular beaches.
  • German-beach Keramoti. Αnother enchanting path (about 4,5 km) that runs parallel to the flow of the small river in the gorge of Keramoti.
  • Skopelos-Delphi. A 3 km route that goes beyond the highest peak of the island.
  • Palio Klima to Loutraki and Glossa. The stunning route, a little uphill, will enchant you and make you feel a part of nature

Skopelos trekking hiking


In Skopelos, the hiker (we do mean you) can choose between those five interesting hikes – three of which are circular – of low to moderate difficulty, about 40 km long. These routes lead to archaeological sites on the island as well as linking important monasteries, e.g. the Tour of the Monasteries in the east of Chora.

Skopelos trekking hiking



You can follow the conventional routes or even explore your own paths according to your needs.

For most routes, you will not need any special equipment. Just make sure you have the right trainers, plenty of drinking water, and nutritious snacks such as nuts.

Take the chance to discover child-friendly trails and spend a marvelous day with your family.

Take also the chance to find out the historic or religious sites that are hidden in Skopelos nature among the pine-covered forests.

Skopelos Monasteries Agios Ioannis Prodromos Photo

Or just feel free to walk around Skopelos landscapes. There are so many hiking trails that will satisfy all of you, whatever the skill level you are in.

As already mentioned, nowadays, all the trekking trails are more accessible and functional due to the care of locals and volunteers.

The first crucial step is to visit Skopelos and get to know its people. They in turn will introduce you to the secret paths of the island.

Skopelos Stafilos Village Aerial Photo

Although greek summer is synonymous with drinking cocktails, under the greek sun, in front of the beach feeling lazy, there are so many other things to get yourself into!!!!

The unique combination of blue to green is the main of so many reasons that you definitely visit Skopelos more than once.

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