Sporades Sea Water Taxi

Sporades Sea Water Taxi is the fastest way to travel to the Sporades
Mobile Phone: +30 698 610 3492
Secondary Phone: +30 697 050 3495

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Our Water Taxi is the faster and the most flexible way to travel around Northern Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos).

By using this easy means of transportation you can travel at the destination of your own preference to the exact time of your own preference.

The water taxi just travels you to the port/destination you want and is available 24 hours per day all year.

With our Water Taxi boat, you can travel not only around Skiathos island but also from and to Katigiorgi – Pelion, and Vasilika or Ellinika as well as Mantoudi in Evia.
Katigiorgi is an ideal destination for those who travel from Northern Greece (Volos, Larissa, Lamia, Thessaloniki, etc).
While Vasilika is perfect for those who travel from central and south Greece (Athens and Peloponisos).

Furthermore, our water Taxi can take you to and pick you from many destinations such as Pili, Psaropouli, Pilio, Volo, Alonissos, and all Skopelos ports such as Glossa, Agnontas, Skopelos, Elios, Adrines, and Panormos.

Be informed that the journey with our water taxi meets all the safety rules.

The only reason water taxis can not travel is the weather conditions.
The water taxi can get up to 8 passengers and for touring up to 25 passengers

Sporades Sea Water Taxi Dimitris Katerina