The Monasteries of Mountain Palouki

Monasteries of Mountain Palouki offer breathtaking views to Skopelos Chora and the Aegean Sea.

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Mount Palouki is 546 meters high and it is in the southeast side of Skopelos island. It is opposite Skopelos Chora. Palouki is famous for the Monasteries. It is truly worth visiting either by car or on foot. It is one of the top place for hiking.

Moreover, hunt is forbidden on mount Palouki, as a result it is heaven for little animals and nature lovers.

Be careful because you can reach them only via dirt road. But do not be afraid as the acces it not so difficult.

All monasteries of Mountain Palouki offer breathtaking views to Skopelos Chora and the Aegean Sea.

Monastery Evangelistria is the closest to Chora, about 4 km away. It is on a seperate road from the others. The english ambassador, Stephanos Dapontes built that church on 1712. According to the legend, Dapontes renovated this monastery when Panagia, through a holy miracle, saved his life the time Agas arrest him in order to kill him.

On the other side of Palouki area there are the following beautiful monasteries:

The first to visit is Iera Moni Sotiros, 7 km away from Skopelos Chora. Then there are the monasteries of Agia Varvara, Timios Prodromos and Pano Panagia. Moni of Agion Taxiarchon and of Agia Anna are in the eastern foothills of the mountain. Both of them are not inhabited.

Monasteries of Mountain Palouki are open for the public daily approximately 08:00-13:00 and 17:00-19:00. The nuns are very hospitable, offering amulets and other goodies. Any offer from you is welcome.

Mountain Palouki is an excellent place to visit. It is peaceful, with sounds of birds and nature while you will even drink fresh water directly from mountain springs.




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