The Taste Station

Skopelos, Grill House, Fast Food, Barbecue, Mezedes, Greek
Mobile Phone: +30 6986599684

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The Taste Station Skopelos is in the Gefyraki area in Skopelos Chora. The coffee – restaurant offers a huge variety of delicious flavors. It stays open all day starting with serving coffees, sandwiches, handmade pies,  puff pastries and toasts. During the day the restaurants serves excellent meat plates, club sandwiches as well as pizza.

The Taste Station Skopelos features large portions, excellent meat, delicious snacks, a friendly atmosphere as well as accurate service.

Moreover the menu includes the delicious Greek souvlaki. Guests can taste souvlaki with gyros, either pork or chicken gyro.They can also enjoy a portion of the perfect cooked pork or chicken gyros. Every weekend there are also meats on the spit. Some grilled spit are kokoretsi, kontosouvli, chicken as well as kebab.

Furthermore, the restaurant offers also greek mezedes to accompany the greek tsipouro, wine or beer. At Taste Station Skopelos there are also delicious sandwiches and fresh salads. The menu has also delicious appetizers such as tzatziki and cheese salad.

The taste station skopelos offers also delivery and take away services.  Daily from 7:30 to 23:00 customer have the opportunity to order on the telephone number  +30 2424024067 to make their orders.

Taste Station is in scenic Skopelos Chora in a walking distance from Skopelos port. Being in picturesque Skopelos Chora do not miss to visit the popular chapel Panagitsa of Pyrgos. The specific church is one of Skopelos trademark.

Skopelos Island is famous for the traditional cuisine. The most popular dish is the local cheese pie of Skopelos. Except from the restaurants and tavernas inside Skopelos Chora, there are many nice spots on skopelos beaches as well. Guests should always remember that Skopelos Island presents magnificent beaches that perfectly combine the green of the nature with the blue of the sea.

So, visitors could enjoy traditional food on the following beaches Glysteri, Stafylos,  AgnontasLimnonariPanormos Milia and Elios.