Dimitris Orfanos Rooms

Dimitris Orfanos Rooms are in Loutraki Port, featuring panoramic sea views, air conditioning and Wi Fi.
Mobile Phone: +30 6937959683
Secondary Phone: +30 2424033510

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Dimitris Orfanos Rooms Skopelos are located in Loutraki Port on Skopelos Island. Loutraki Port is the seaport of Glossa Village and the second port of Skopelos in Northern Sporades. Ships and flying dolphins coming from Central Greece (Agios Konstantinos), Evia Mantoudi, Volos and Skiathos most of the times first make a stop at Loutraki port and then continue to the Skopelos main port.

The accommodation unit offers rooms for either three or two persons. You can choose between double or singles beds. Moreover each room offers air condition, TV and refrigerator. Free Wi Fi is also available on site.

Furthermore, Dimitris Orfanos Rooms featuring cosy balconies with panoramic sea views to the Aegean Sea. There are also the roof of the building as well as a yard that everybody can use for relaxation moments.

To continue with the accommodation unit is very close to the magnificent Katakalou beach and near the beautiful Loutraki beach.

Loutraki port features also tavernasrestaurants that guests can taste the delightful local recipes. Moreover there are cafes for the visitors who are seeking for extra fun. There are super markets and seasonal shops, as well.

Loutraki is 28,5 kilometers from Skopelos Town. By car you will need approximately  40 minutes, if you follow the road to Agios Riginos. If you prefer to drive from the coastal road, the distance from Skopelos Town is 33 km.

Dimitris Orfanos Rooms Skopelos is 2,5 kilometers away from the picturesque Glossa Village. While the famous beaches of Milia and Kastani are approximately 14 minutes away from this accommodation unit in LoutrakiPanormos beach is at a distance of 16 kilometers.


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    3 Days Housekeeping
    Free Internet
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    Air Conditioning
    Street Parking