Kathodon coffee-food

The Kathodon coffee-food operates in Skopelos Chora, next to post office, offering a variety of both aromatic coffees and tasteful delicacies.
Mobile Phone: +30 6946051979

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The Kathodon coffee skopelos opened in June 2018, where the store was inaugurated. kathodon food skopelos is located on a busy street in Chora Skopelos next to the Wind Shop and the post office.

Furthermore, the Kathodon coffee skopelos offers a variety of aromatic coffees and a variety of delicious snacks. Such as baking pies, of course the famous Skopelos cheese pie, pastries, fresh sandwiches, croissants and many more delicacies.

The Kathodon coffee skopelos has very nice decoration and provides the guests a very pleasant atmosphere. The service is prompt and extremely friendly.In fact,  it has so friendly atmosphere where, the visitor will immediately feel like home.

The coffee shop always operates based on the excellent quality, the best taste and the immediate but correct service.

Moreover, the Kathodon coffee skopelos feature delivery services. It stays open all day. The coffee shop operates both the summer and the winter period in the island of Skopelos.

The Kathodon cafe- food is near to Panagitsa of Pyrgos. Enjoy your food or coffee inside the shop or take it take away. Then continue your day by climbing the stairs to Panagitsa of Pyrgos. This beautiful church is one of Skopelos trademark.

In fact in the traditional chora of Skopelos there are many places to visit. Nevertheless Skopelos Chora has the official title of the traditional settlement. Especially because of the house architecture.

You can also visit the museums of Skopelos. The folklore museum of Skopelos, the Pavlos Nirvana Mansion as well as the Vakratsa Mansion.

Moreover, have your breakfast to Kathodon cafe skopelos and then continue your day by visiting the magnificent beaches of Skopelos Island. Some beautiful beaches to visit are Stafylos, Velanio, AgnontasLimnonariPanormos Milia and Kastani.


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