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Skopelos Island is much more than an earthly paradise.  The beauty of the green natural landscape and the enchanting beaches are not the only plus of the island. Skopelos is also a gastronomic paradise. You can enjoy great quality food, which will make your vacations even more delicious.

Here are some places to taste the best version of local recipes while enjoying the best view.

Here are 5 tried-and-true dining options. The best restaurants overlooking skopelos!


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Adrina Taverna is located  in Panormos Skopelos and in particular the Adrina Beach Hotel. The reputation of Adrina Hotels is a guarantee of quality and excellent service. Adrina Taverna combines perfectly traditional minimalist décor with beautiful natural scenery. It is opposite the Blo Cove overlooking the deep blue Aegean.

Moreover with the genuine Greek cuisine it is considered one of the best places to visit in Sporades.


Dishes of imaginative aesthetics and unbelievable taste. The menu at Adrina Taverna is literally a hymn to the Greek summer and to your delicious memories that always evoke emotion.

In menu, traditional cooked dishes are alternated daily. Furthermore, the fresh salads are more than perfect.

If you prefer dishes with meat you will find great flavours such as  Beef Burger steak “yiaurtlu“, chicken gyros, beef pikania, greek pork souvlaki as well as lamb chops. If you prefer seafood, definitely try the exquisite octopus gyros, marinated mussels and the homemade smoked mackerel.

Daily fresh fish are weighed and grilled in front of you.

You will love lobster spaghetti and scorpion fish spaghetti. Excellent is the “fish soup” as well as the traditional dusky grouper fish stew (and with spaghetti).

Visiting Adrina is a unique experience.

Tip 1: It is a good idea to make a reservation in July and August.

Tip 2: If you wish to taste Adrina’s specialties, such as lobster and scorpion fish spaghetti or dusky grouper stew, it is a good idea to make a reservation for your meal. As their preparation time is at least one hour.

Adrina TavernaAdrina Beach Hotel,  Adrina HotelsPanormos Skopelos, Tel: +30 24240 23373


kalispera adrina restaurant, kalispera panormos skopelos, adrina resort and spa skopelos

One of the most interesting dining options on Skopelos is the restaurant of the five-star Adrina Resort & Spa Hotel. At the Adrina Resort & Spa Hotel, you will enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. It is located in Panormos next to the Adrina Beach Hotel.

Excellent service, exquisite dishes and unparalleled views of Panormos Bay under the starry sky make for a magical setting.

Kalispera Restaurant generously offers exquisite flavors that will pleasantly lift your senses. Dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine with pure raw materials and imaginative touches that will excite you.


The menu includes a feast of salads, refined appetizers as well as a variety of pasta. Spaghetti with Alonissos Tuna, pasta with fresh Mediterranean vegetables as well as pasta with wild mushrooms and truffle oil. You will taste amazing rib eye. Don’t forget to try the delectable risotto with parmesan and prosciutto and the steak cooked with black pepper.

The restaurant specialties are the scorpion fish spaghetti as well as the lobster spaghetti, which is considered the best of its kind.

Everyday you can enjoy fresh fish weighed and grilled in front of you !!!

Tip 1: It is a good idea to make a reservation in July and August.

Tip 2: If you wish to taste Adrina’s specialties, such as lobster and scorpion fish spaghetti or dusky grouper stew, it is a good idea to make a reservation for your meal. As their preparation time is at least one hour.

Kalispera Restaurant , Adrina Resort & Spa Hotel, Adrina HotelsPanormos Skopelos, Tel: +30 24240 23373


agnanti restaurant skopelos, agnanti restaurant, glossa skopelos


Agnanti restaurant is located in the picturesque Glossa village in Skopelos. The name of the restaurant clearly comes from the magnificent views it generously offers. Since by seating on restaurant tables on the two balconies you can see the Aegean Sea to Evia and Skiathos. This view that is source of inspiration. 


Agnanti restaurant you will taste mainly Mediterranean and Greek dishes. The recipes in Agnanti skopelos are based on the secret family traditions of the owners who have maintained the restaurant for four generations. Therefore, the menu drives you back to old times.  Who can resist the roast beef with mom’s homemade noodles, the pork cooked with peppers, herbs and local plums or the stuffed chicken with sun-dried tomatoes?

The ingredients used are all fresh local products. So even the classic greek salad becomes extremely tasty. Everyday you will find warm handmade bread baked in the oven.

Tip 1: Make a reservation in one of the two balconies to enjoy the stunning views.

Agnanti Skopelos, Glossa Skopelos, Tel: +30 24240 33076


anatoli skopelos, anatoli ouzeri, anatoli skopelos chora

At the highest point of Skopelos Town, next to the imposing Castle, Anatoli  Taverna stands guarded. The tsipouradiko of the famous rebetis Giorgos Xintaris. Along with his two sons, Antonis and Theodoris, also musicians, they offer you magical summer evenings.  Traditional rebetiko music, delicious appetizers and stunning views. In Anatoli  you feel that the Aegean Sea embraces the whole of Skopelos. Absolute landscape of the unique Greek summer. White on blue, Anatoli Skopelos.

At Anatoli  Taverna you will feel like the protagonists of an old Greek film. The program starts at 22:30. Giorgos Xintaris with Antonis and Theodoris take their guitar, bouzouki and baglamaki and the musical journey begins. Furthermore, many times the orchestra grows as friends or even ordinary tourists accompany them.


The menu includes many appetizers to accompany your wine, ouzo or tsipouro. Moreover, amazing homemade meatballs, chopped pork, Greek salad, imam eggplants, traditional cheese pie, potato salad, spicy chicken are some of the well-cooked foods you will taste.

Tip 1: If you want to enjoy the live music, prefer a table next to orchestra.

Tip 2: If you want to spend your evening chatting, you should chose a table away from the orchestra so as not to disturb the musicians.

Anatoli, Skopelos Town, Castle, Tel: +30 24240 22851


muses skopelos, muses restaurant, muses skopelos chora

You will find Mousses Restaurant on the beach in Skopelos TownMuses restaurant has been operating successfully for almost 10 years. Its success is based on the high quality it maintains in both the dishes and the services. Part of the success is due to the magnificent location of the restaurant. The tables by the sea, next to the rocks, offer generously magnificent views of the Aegean Sea.

The reasons to visit Muses restaurant are its refined cuisine with the premium dishes, the stunning views, the great music choices and also the friendly staff.


The menu includes a variety of flavors to suit all tastes. You will find seafood dishes, meat dishes as well as vegetarian options. Moreover, you will taste dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with a more creative touch.

Some choices are tomato marmalade cheesecake, muses salad, traditional ntakos salad, mastelo cheese with sour cherry cream, stuffed burger with potatoes and truffle sauce, goat with lemon sauce, pork with plums, seafood spaghetti and much more. You will also find fresh fish daily.

Tip 1: book your tables at the sea to enjoy the stunning views.

Muses, Skopelos Chora, Tel: +30 24240 24414


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