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The Top 15 Attractions in Skopelos

Words cannot describe the magic of the moment you arrive at Skopelos, a fantastic island on the Aegean Sea. In Skopelos Town’s streets, time merges with your steps, painting you as the artist amidst whitewashed walls and bougainvillea. The moment salty air caresses your skin and warm winds embrace you. An enchanting desire to explore Skopelos’ wonders ignites within.

Some travel recommendations for Skopelos are to visit the iconic church perched on top of the cliffs to the remote beaches shaded from view by the dense foliage. Every stride uncovers ancient tales and myths, while even the tiniest village welcomes you with open arms, sharing its stories. Let’s take an adventurous journey together to Skopelos!


The attractions of Skopelos Island are plenty, there are so many must-do on this earthy paradise. However, here you will find out the best things to do, and the top 15 Activities to experience in Skopelos. It is advisable to visit Skopelos more than once to immerse yourself in the island’s charisma.


Skopelos Town

Chora, Skopelos’ traditional settlement, features whitewashed houses with terracotta roofs encircling a sheltered harbor, serving as the island’s cultural hub. So, there goes the traffic-free town center with lanes of stepped side alleys around the traditional houses made even more attractive by bougainvillea.



Chora boasts numerous charming churches—120 in this town alone—with the oldest dating back to the 11th century. Explore its lanes, stumbling upon scenic terraces overlooking the port and Mount Palouki, or peaceful squares shaded by lush trees.

TIP: For a memorable experience in Skopelos Town, head to the Panagitsa of Pyrgos Church.


Agios Ioannis Church

Surrounded striking cliff on the island of Skopelos, the Agios Ioannis chapel raises itself gracefully at the top of the rocky cliffs as one of the timeless symbols of grace and soul peace. The most popular place of Wonderful Vistas is the tiny shore chapel from the blockbuster movie: “Mamma Mia!” Inspired probably by the silver screen, everyone dreams about a sunny Aegean Sea background.

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Ascending may pose challenges, with more than 100 stairs to climb, yet upon reaching the top, any difficulties fade away as you behold the charming cove below. Agios Ioannis Chapel is a site that will grant you everlasting memories.

skopelos com Ai Giannis Kastri mamma mia mamma mia church, Skopelos ai giannis kastri


TIP: Romantic Couples choose the Mamma Mia chapel for the proposal or their wedding ceremony.

Churches and Monasteries

The landscape of Skopelos Island is consequently going through a revival because of the numerous churches and monasteries. Each of them is heavily involved in history and spirituality. Skopelos possesses chapels that are scattered along the coastline and secluded monasteries of lush vegetation in the hills. The sacred sites provide the visitors with a visual confirmation of the long-held religion of Skopelos.

Except for the Ai Giannis Chapel, the most popular church is Panagitsa of Pyrgos in Skopelos Chora.


SKOPELOS IERA MONI SOTIROS, Skopelos 15 top attractions, Skopelos best things to do,  Skopelos must do, Skopelos travel recommendations, Top Activities, Aegean, Greece

No matter if the tapestry of the meandering streets leads you to Skopelos Town, where chapels await you at every alley, or you decide to hike up the Palouki mountain to the monasteries that are overlooking the crystalline Aegean sea. In this case, the religious venues of the island invite you for devotion and introspection. From 360 Skopelos churches across its lanes, the 40 are monasteries. The patron Saint of Skopelos is Agios Riginos. His monastery is a must-visit.

SKOPELOS AGIOS RIGINOSUsually, the open hours are 08:00-13:00 and 17:00-19:00. Visiting a church or a monastery there are dress codes to follow. ‘ The island attracts worshipers and travelers to the spiritual sites of their minds.

TIP: Buy unique souvenirs from the Monasteries.

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach is a popular beach on Skopelos Island, located 12 km away from the Island’s Chora. It is easily accessible by car or public bus. It is an exquisite hideaway surrounded by the island’s gorgeous Greek ambiance. Panormos caters to your desires, whether for a serene day by the sea or exploring underwater marvels with snorkeling.

Skopelos Panormos Beach, Panormos Skopelos, Skopelos beaches

The carefree background is conducive to comfort while the beach bars and the tavernas showcase a variety of Greek delicacies that can be savored while you take in the beautiful scenery. Panormos Beach is, indeed, proof of how nature is purely preserved on Skopelos as it will give you a couple of days of absolute freedom when you visit. The pebble-dotted beach invites tranquil contemplation, while clear waters mesmerize with varying shades of blue.

Skopelos Panormos Village Beach Seaview PhotoTIP: Panormos offers a stunning sunset view, creating an unforgettable backdrop.

Milia Beach

After Panormos is Milia Beach. For many, the most beautiful of the island. Milia Beach has pebbles and coarse sand that stretch for more than a kilometer. It has a beach bar and sunbeds on one side. If you want more privacy you can hang out on the right side of the beach. The crystal-clear waters of Milia reveal the seabed in perfect clarity, inviting exploration and relaxation.

Skopelos Beaches Milia Beach Aerial Photo

As dusk descends, Milia’s sunset paints the water in golden hues, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors. Except for the beach bars, there is also a Taverna.

Skopelos Milia Beach Seaview PhotoTIP: If you are a party lover stay tuned to Milia Beach Bar for the unique summer moments.

Kastani Beach

Kastani Beach is, next to Milia Beach, approachable by car or public bus. Sand and azure waters of the Aegean merge, beckoning visitors to suntan or walk along the shore. Jutting cliffs give a great dramatic background, and the green vegetation makes the landscape unforgettable.

Skopelos Kastani Mamma Mia Beach Seaview Photo

Any means of enjoyment will lead to an unforgettable escape to paradise. Whether eating local delicacies, drinking summer cocktails, or even dancing at the popular Kastani beach bar, trying adrenaline-filled water sports, or just relaxing in the atmosphere.

Skopelos Beaches Kastani Beach PhotoTIP: Kastani Beach is the Mamma Mia Beach. Fans of the movie must visit it.


Hovolo Beach

Traveling northwest, Hovolo awaits, a pebble-strewn shore framed by towering white limestone cliffs adorned with patches of lush, dark green foliage. Situated at the southern edge of Neo Klima, reaching Hovolo requires determination. You have to go through a cliff passage, and sometimes, you have to walk in shallow waters. Beyond the passage, the shoreline widens, revealing inviting pale blue waters, pebbles, white sand, and scattered outcrops

Skopelos Hovolo Beach, Skopelos 15 top attractions, Skopelos best things to do,  Skopelos must do, Skopelos travel recommendations, Top Activities, Aegean, Greece

However, as challenging as it may be for some to reach it, Hovolo’s charm remains attractive. Therefore, it attracts many visitors in summer to its beautiful natural environment and sound atmosphere. Visitors embrace Hovolo’s lack of amenities. Nevertheless, Neo Klima is just a short walk also.

TIP: Hovolo Beach, due to its enchanting landscape, was included in the Telegraph’s list of the 17 most beautiful beaches in Greece

Agnontas Beach

Know how Skopelos’ iconic shore, Agnontas Beach, is a place of tranquility and a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the scenery on the island’s southern coast. The beach displays pebbles which are suitable for swimming and allow sunbathing.



At seafront tavernas guests are served exquisitely cooked seafood right from the shores. The delicacy of the seafood flavors and the sweet music of the waves, on the other hand, enhance the dining experience.

TIP: When visiting Agnontas Beach, consider arriving early to secure a prime spot and avoid crowds, especially during peak tourist seasons.


Limnonari Beach

Limnonari, situated 10 km from Chora, stands as an organized beach adorned with breathtaking scenery. Pine trees bordering the emerald-green waters, alongside white sand and small pebbles, contribute to the beach’s magnificent ambiance. Named “small lake” in Greek, Limnonari reflects the perpetual calmness of its bay waters.

Skopelos Limnonari Beach Seaview Photo

Limnonari Beach features an exceptional seabed, with a stunning slab of calcium in the shallow waters. Therefore, you should exercise caution when entering the sea.

Skopelos Beaches Limnonari Beach Aerial PhotoTIP: The beach is ideal for snorkeling due to the seabed.

Adrina Hotels

Adrina Hotels, – 4 Stars Adrina Beach, the 5 Stars Adrina Resort and Spa, and the 5 Stars Adrina Grand Hotel-  provide a tranquil getaway from the busy pace of everyday life. Nestled amphitheatrically on a stunning slope in Panormos, Skopelos, they offer guests unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea. Adrina Hotels seamlessly blends with the island’s charm, creating a tranquil setting for authentic Greek immersion.Adrina Hotels Skopelos, Skopelos 15 top attractions, Skopelos best things to do,  Skopelos must do, Skopelos must-do experiences, Top Activities to Experience, Greece

Guests at Adrina Hotels can enjoy poolside relaxation, delicious dining, and spa indulgence, reveling in the luxuries provided. Furthermore, Adrina Hotels prioritizes guest contentment through its commitment to impeccable service and exceptional facilities.  With a devoted and hospitable staff, personalized touches ensure that every guest’s requirements are met sincerely and effectively.

TIP: Taste the best lobster spaghetti at Adrina Restaurants.

Venetian Castle

At the top of Skopelos Town lies the remnants of the Venetian Castle. The castle is a timeless testament to the island’s rich history and architectural heritage. Dating back to the Byzantine era and later fortified by the Venetians in the 13th century, this imposing structure offers a glimpse into the island’s storied past. There are steps to climb to reach it.Skopelos skopelos kastro

TIP: During peak times, visitors often queue to capture a photograph of this stunning vista.

Sendoukia Carved Graves

When you venture up Mount Karia in Skopelos, you’ll discover four fascinating rock-cut tombs – Sentoukia-, thought to have been carved out way back during Roman or early Christian times. Picture these tombs as rectangular boxes chiseled into the rock. These tombs belonged to families and were typically under private ownership. Now, three of these tombs stand complete, with covers about 2.5 meters long.

Skopelos Sightseeing Sedoukia Sentoukia Photo

But here’s the intriguing part: when they were first found, there were signs that they’d been looted. And guess what? The fourth tomb? It’s still a work in progress, leaving us wondering about its story.

TIP: Once you arrive, don’t forget to gaze towards the horizon, where, on a clear day, you can catch a glimpse of Mount Olympus. – The house of the 12 Greek Ancient Gods-.


Skopelos gained popularity in 2008 when the musical Mamma Mia! was revealed in Holywood. The magical landscapes of Skopelos Island and the ABBA music attracted more visitors. Head to Kastani Beach, where several scenes were filmed, including the famous “Lay All Your Love on Me” sequence. The other popular beach is Amarandos with the iconic three trees. The number one Mamma Mia spot is Ai Giannis Chapel, where the wedding took place.

Skopelos Greece Mamma Mia

Keep in mind, that there are tourist offices and taxi drivers available to assist Mamma Mia enthusiasts by providing guided tours to the filming sites. To enrich your Mamma Mia journey, it’s advisable to connect with local tourist offices and taxi drivers. These experienced guides specialize in daily tours designed for fans, guaranteeing you won’t overlook any iconic locations.

TIP: Explore the island’s iconic filming locations early in the day to avoid crowds and capture the perfect photos


Exploring Skopelos by bike is a wonderful way to take in the island’s lush beauty. Even though there are only two main roads, you’ll find yourself drawn into a maze of smaller paths that wind through the pine-covered hillsides.

Skopelos Cycling Biking Bicycle

The fountains along the road will surely pique your interest, offering a refreshing pause to relax and cool down. Furthermore, Skopelos boasts splendid trails that will delight bike enthusiasts. Blanketed by pine forests, Skopelos stands out as the verdant jewel of the Aegean.

TIP: Experience the enchanting Skopelos Night Ride Tour, where you’ll pedal beneath the twinkling stars. After the ride, practice stargazing through a telescope while enjoying a refreshing cold beer.


The crystal-clear waters of the Northern Sporades make diving an irresistible addition to your holiday itinerary. The Skopelos Dive Center, with locations in both Chora and Panormos (at Adrina Beach Hotel), provides PADI training and guided dives to explore the underwater marvels around Skopelos and beyond.

skopelos scuba diving dive center sporades diving

For those eager to dive right in, completing e-learning courses online can fast-track you from a novice to a fully certified PADI diver in less than a week. Experienced divers have the option to refresh their skills or pursue advanced certifications in Skopelos. Once you’re ready, embark on excursions to discover reefs, sea caves, shipwrecks, uninhabited islands, and the vibrant marine life beneath the pine-covered nature.

TIP:  Visit Christoforos Shipwreck in Panormos and Alonissos underwater Marine Museum.

Skopelos reveals its full charm only to those willing to return, graciously inviting guests to revisit time and again. This way, the amazing beauty of Skopelos gets revealed gradually. With each visit, Skopelos unveils new facets of beauty: hidden towns, secret nooks, and vistas unseen before, enriching your experience.  Skopelos’ natural charm, historical allure, and friendly locals make every visit irresistible, beckoning travelers back time and again. View Skopelos as an ongoing love affair, its timeless allure inviting return visits to uncover its endless beauty. – Skopelos Blog

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