Outdoor Recreation Activities on Skopelos Island

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Imagine you are on the most green island of Greece. Imagine that at the same time this island offers impressively beautiful beaches and even more impressive underwater world. Keep imagining that there are numerous outdoor activities to discover both the terrestrial and marine nature. Stop imagine, you just arrive on Skopelos Island. A low-key  island, which pleasantly surprises its visitor.

If you can’t stand spending hours on the beach looking for adventure, exercise and fun, Skopelos is your destination. As adrenaline goes up, so does inspiration.

In this post we will see what recreation activities you can practise on Skopelos island. Because there is recreation in skopelos.

Let the adventure and the fun start!

Dive Center SKOPELOS

Skopelos is the ideal destination for diving and snorkelling. The underwater world of the island is full of hidden treasures. It was the summer on 2014 when the onwards Scuba Diving and the first Diving Center were added to the island’s maritime activities. Actually  skopelos dive center was added to Sporades activities.

Skopelos Dive Center can be found both on the north side (at the port of Skopelos) and on the south side of the island, at Adrina Beach Hotel in the Panormos area.skopelos scuba diving, dive center, sporades diving, skopelos diving

The well-trained staff  will train you properly and safely not only to discover the bottom of Skopelos but also to explore Skopelos, its sights and its magnificent beaches. Instead of just diving or snorkeling you can take lessons and take a certified diploma.

The most popular diving courses and “Open Water Diver” and “Advanced Open Water Diver”. While the most popular activities are “Discover Scuba Diving” and “Cruising With Snorkeling”.

skopelos scuba diving, dive center sporades diving, skopelos diving

Moreover, you can explore different horizons such as discover Sporades. So, take a day to visit Skiathos or Alonissos. In Alonissos there is Sporades marine park, where you can also see the Mediterranean seal.

Visiting the shipwreck Christoforos in Panormos is also a unique experience.

Do not lose this amazing opportunity. Go diving to discover Skopelos majestic underwater world.

Dive Center Skopelos info: (+30) 6940 448 000 – (+30) 24240 23373


Skopelos Stand Up Paddle boarding (S.U.P) has quickly become a famous outdoor activity which offers a fun way to discover the sea while playing in the water. Standing upright on a SUP board allows you to enjoy the stunning island’s scenery as well as a spectacular and unique view through the crystal clear Aegean sea and its amazing seascape.

Sup is suitable for all ages. The only prerequisites are to know swimming and to be in good physical position. Though you can have lesson if you wish to, on a group or personal.

skopelos recreations, skopelos outdoor activities, skopelos paddle. sporades sup

Stand up paddle boarding is an interesting way to explore the coast line of Skopelos island and the nearby islets with their sheltered bays, remote beaches and hidden caves. Sporades Sup is the first Stand Up Paddle board out fit on Skopelos, offering daily lessons, tours, and rentals. Fun meets workout!

The famous paddle boarding ”Sunset tours” which last 2,5hours are organized upon request, daily.

skopelos recreations, skopelos outdoor activities, skopelos paddle. sporades sup

You have the choice either to go paddling with the professional staff or rent a paddle and explore Skopelos coast line with your company.

Sporades SUP Paddle info: (+30) 6940 448 002 – (+30) 24240 23373



Kayak is an adventurous outdoor activity. The Kayaking Team are full of passion for their job. Their goal is to entertain you and transfer you their passion for kayaking. Even if you are a beginner or experienced in kayaking, it is always fun!

skopelos outdoor activities, skopelos recreation, skopelos kayaking

The Kayaking team is located on Milia Beach. The staff are experienced, helpful guides.

Furthermore, Kayaking in Skopelos offers a wide variety of activities for all ages and levels of experience. Kayaking team features trips lasting from a few hours to week long by exploring the island beauties. To be more confidence before going to the crystal clear water sign up in training courses. Turn to the magnificent sunsets of Skopelos or discover the nearby islands. Explore secluded beaches and coves, sea caves and uninhabited islands and islets.

skopelos outdoor activities, skopelos recreation, skopelos kayaking

Skopelos island besides the natural beauty has rich history full of legends especially from the pirate era. The kayaking guides while exploring the hidden treasures of the nature will inform you relatively.

By kayaking enjoy the magnificent sunsets or discover the surroundings of Skopelos. Explore also secluded beaches and coves, sea caves and uninhabited islands and islets. Kayaking in skopelos is a great experience.

Kayaking in Skopelos info: (+30) 697 429 9055 – (+30) 694 738 2597

Water Sports

Water sports is fun for everyone of all ages. There are water sports in skopelos. On Milia beach you will find a great team as professional as it is friendly expert on water sports in skopelos. They practise both lessons and rentals of equipment.

skopelos recreation, skopelos outdoor activities, skopelos water sports

At water sports on Milia each you can do  water ski, jet ski, paddle, water ski, waterboarding, tubing etc.

Water Sports in Skopelos info : (+30) 6981 022 290

Hiking –  Cycling

Skopelos does not feature only majestic beaches but also piney mountains. Specifically there are about eights mountains on Skopelos island. The highest are the Delphi Mountain (681 m) in the center of the island and Palouki Mountain (546 m) in the southeast. Countryside of Skopelos is also worth exploring.

Therefore, Skopelos is the absolute destination for hiking and cycling lovers. Since there are numerous trails to walk and ride on with your bike.

If you love hiking you will get thrilled in Skopelos. A network of old trails cross the island where in the old days people went with mules. You will walk passing by pine forests, olive groves and villages.

Some easy routes to begin with are Keramoto route close to Glossa village, the route from Palio Klima to Loutraki port, Skopelos Chora to Delphi and Skopelos Chora to Velanio beach. Monasteries at Palouki mountain is also a trail worth visiting. Keep in mind that no matter which road you will chose the breathtaking views are everywhere.

skopelos recreation, skopelos outdoor activities, skopelos trekking, skopelos hiking

Another excellent way to explore the lush Skopelos island is cycling. Skopelos, though it has only two main roads, is crossed by a network of smaller roads and paths along the pine-covered mountains. You will get excited by the fountains along the road, where you can take a break and cool off.

Moreover, Skopelos features magnificent routes bike lovers. Skopelos is covered by pine forests. Its the green island of the Aegean. Hiking and  Cycling is a magnificent experience for all of your senses. Every step you make is an opportunity to admire the lush nature.

 skopelos outdoor activities, skopelos cycling

In case you prefer the nights, there is the perfect surprise for you. Enjoy the Skopelos nightride tour. Cycling below the stars! And it becomes even better, after the ride you will have the opportunity to enjoy the moon with telescope and cold beer! Just book your ticket at Skopelos Cycling.

Skopelos Cycling info: (+30) 6947 023 145, (+30) 24240 22398

Sea excursions

If you love sailing or wish to discover Skopelos and Sporades by boat you can rent one or follow some of the sea excursions organized on the island.

Live these unique experiences of outdoor activities on Skopelos island, the green in blue island.

Recreation in Skopelos!!!


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