The greatest riches of Greece, besides the ancient culture, is the popular islands, where the Greek architecture commingles with the excellent traditional cuisine, the breathtaking scenery and the unbelievable lifestyle of greek vacations.

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Skopelos maybe not be the most famous greek island but is one of the most beautiful and undoubtedly the greenest island of the Aegean. If you need to relax and just escape in nature then visit Skopelos immediately.

Skopelos island is a hidden jewel in the Aegean. It has not yet become so commercialized.  On the island of Skopelos, the crystal blue of the sea intermingles perfectly with the green of the pines which are abundant.

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Enjoying your greek holidays means also finding the perfect hotel near the beach with all the necessary comforts.

There are luxury beachfront hotels on Skopelos that let you live your myth in Greece.


adrina hotels, adrina beach hotel, skopelos hotels

When speaking for luxury, excellent facilities, and professional services the first thing coming to my mind is the beachfront Adrina Hotels in Panormos of Skopelos island.

Adrina Hotels are an introduction to a whole different world, a world beyond words…You will discover private heaven on the beach.

Adrina Hotels are the 5 stars Adrina Resort and Spa and the 4 stars Adrina Beach. Inside the hotels, there are excellent Adrina restaurants.  Both hotels are located on an organized beach which is only available for guests.

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Particularly Adrina Hotels in Skopelos are on the Adrines beaches. The area took the name upon the famous female pirate Adrina.

According to the legend, the dynamic Adrina was causing fear and terror to everybody and she used to be the winner of most battles. But when her beloved, captain pirate was killed in one of those, she could not handle the pain. She hid her treasure in the Adrina area and killed herself by falling from the rocks.

Adrina Resort and Spa 5 stars

Adrina Resort and Spa is a 5-star hotel located in Panormos of Skopelos Island. Actually, it is the most exclusive place to stay. The hotel is built on a magnificent slope literally a few short steps from the private beach.

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This family-oriented business, with 16 rooms and 22 villas, offers you an idyllic vacation. All rooms offer you spectacular views of the blue Aegean. You will have the warmest welcoming and hospitality ever. In Adrina Resort and Spa, you will create unforgettable memories and you feel like king and queen.

The perfect Adrina beach is just 2 minutes away. The hotel offers you towels and there are free sun loungers and umbrellas. Moreover, there is a beach service, you can order everything just from your lounger.

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All you need to bring along is your smile and your summer mood. Everything is included in the Hotel.  Two Adrina restaurants, Kalispera A La Carte Dinner Restaurant, and Nero Restaurant offer professional service, quality food, and magnificent views of the sea.

In the facilities, there is also the hotel’s beach bar, the lounge area, the spa, the gym, and the playground. In the Adrina Kid’s Club, there is a free-of-charge service daily. Furthermore, the hotel provides a swimming pool with seawater.

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Guests can move to all levels of the hotel using the cable car. In front of the hotel, there is a small pier for small boats.

Adrina Beach Hotel 4 stars

Some meters away from Adrina Resort and Spa dominates the 4 stars Adrina Beach Hotel. In fact, this is the first hotel of the Rodopoulos family.

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Warm hospitality, affordable luxury, best memories, friends, greek summer, sun, magnificent sea waters, even perfection are some of the basic words that can describe this spectacular place. Maybe it’s impossible to put in a sentence all the magical climate that Adrina Beach Hotel offers to guests.


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The beachfront hotel has 47 guest rooms and 11 maisonettes fully equipped. The main colors are blue and white. The traditional architecture intermingles with the modern facilities.

Likewise, with Adrina Resort and Spa, the private beach with the unbelievable crystal clear water is only 2 minutes away. Beach towels, sun loungers, and umbrellas are on the Adrina Beach Hotel.


Here you are, on an earthy paradise at Adrina Hotels in Skopelos, be prepared to have idyllic moments of relaxation and pleasure. Professional service, family atmosphere magnificent scenery.

Greek hospitality is in its best version since the owner’s goal is to make you feel so happy to be eager to return.

adrina hotels, adrina beach hotel, panormos skopelos, hotels skopelos, greek hotels

Don’t forget to visit the diving center, which is located on-site.

Adrina Beach Hotel offers also a beach bar and an outdoor saltwater pool. Furthermore, the hotel has an internet corner, as well as a hot tub and a children’s pool.

Do not miss the fantastic experience to dine in the famous Adrina Taverna ( Adrina restaurants). Fresh fish daily, daily greek plates, and the most delicious lobster spaghetti ever.

Adrina Hotels in Skopelos are the best place to put yourself in priority, being all day on the beach under the greek sun. Touch the blue sea, smell the pine trees, look at the horizon and feel free to enjoy.

Make a reservation at Adrina Hotels in Skopelos the soonest as possible to spend the holidays of your life in the magical Skopelos island. Make yourself a favor, you deserve it! –  Skopelos Blog –

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