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Pan Ormos is etymologically and according to Homer the bay that provides security in any case. Skopelos Panormos is a large and safe bay of unparalleled beauty. Like all the beaches of Skopelos is a pine beach with blue waters. Moreover, Panormos has unobstructed views of the natural port of Blo and offers idyllic sunsets. This is where the absolute combination of green to blue dominates.

Panormos Skopelos, Villages Skopelos, Beaches Skopelos, Panormos Beach Skopelos

The settlement of Panormos provides a complete package for unforgettable vacations. Smaller and larger hotel units are spread out in the wider area of Panormos beach and along the coast, there are apartments and studios to rent for a pleasant stay.

There are also plenty of seaside taverns for a delicious meal as well as cafés and beach bars with relaxing music. Just above Panormos beach, there is a mini-market and seasonal shops.

Furthermore, access to Panormos is just easy. Parking is available. There is also a station of the local bus throughout the tourist season.

Panormos BEACH

Location: 12 km from Skopelos Town following the route through the provincial road of Agios Riginos, southwest of the island.

Skopelos Villages Beaches Panormos, Panormos Beach Skopelos, Skopelos beaches

Description:  Panormos is one of the most popular beaches of Skopelos. You can think of it as a hotspot. The beach has mostly pebbles and some sandy areas. You will also find pebbles on the seafloor. However, you normally walk without the need to wear shoes.

It is a long beach with a length of about 600 meters. Blue waters surrounded by pine trees. The beautiful cove is embraced by the dense vegetation. A special feature of Panormos is the bottom which deepens immediately and abruptly. Pay special attention if you have small children.

Panormos is probably the only beach in Skopelos where the color of its waters is blue. This is due to the great depth of the water in the area. The rest of the island’s beaches mostly have turquoise waters.


The main advantages of Panormos Skopelos beach are ease to access, excellent facilities, and do not forget that it is one of the most protected beaches by the wind.

Also, the natural harbor of Blo is a safe haven for sailboats.

Some years ago a great fire broke out on a slope opposite the beach of Panormos. The hillside was reforested on its own and beautiful pines and trees are slowly coming up again. However, the beautiful scenery and the magnificent sunset have not lost their glamor at all.

Skopelos Blo Panormos, Panormos skopelos beach, beaches skopelos

Must DO in Panormos:
  • Enjoy the depth and blue waters of the sea, and swim and sunbathe on the lush beach.
  • Taste well-cooked Greek dishes at one of the taverns on the beach.
  • Enjoy the unique sunset.
  • Admire the view of the natural harbor Blo, one of the most beautiful spots of Skopelos.
  • Go for diving and discover the Christoforos shipwreck
  • Rent a canoe and take a wonderful sea ride. Don’t worry as Panormos Beach has a lifeguard.

Skopelos Villages Beaches Panormos, Panormos Beach Skopelos, Skopelos Beaches


The choices for a pleasant stay in Panormos Skopelos vary.
We suggest you the best accommodation in Panormos. Make the perfect gift for yourself and visit
Adrina Hotels.Skopelos Adrina Beach Hotel

Just outside Panormos village, beachfront  Adrina Hotels  Panormos is a true gem in Skopelos.

Both the 4-star Adrina Beach Hotel and the 5-star Adrina Resort and Spa guarantee you an unforgettable luxury holiday! It is our recommendation for accommodation in Panormos the Adrina Hotels Panormos.

EATING GOOD IN PANORMOS ( food in Panormos)

Skopelos island could be described as the gastronomic paradise of the Sporades. In Skopelos, you will enjoy good food cooked with local traditional products.

  • The star of the local cuisine always remains the Skopelos cheese pie.

For excellent food in Panormos, we have selected for you the Adrina Taverna, the Nikos Taverna, and Vassiliki Taverna.

The Adrina Taverna is located on-site at the Adrina Beach Hotel just a few steps from the magnificent Adrina Beach.

adrina beach taverna , adrina hotels, tavernas panormos skopelos

  • The menu and service are a unique dining experience. You will enjoy fresh fish, juicy grilled meats, Greek cuisine, and fresh salads.
  • Andrina’s specialty is lobster spaghetti.
  • The view over the bay of Blo will delight you.

Nikos Taverna is located in the beautiful bay of Panormos. The tables are set right on the sea, on the pebbles of the beach.nikos taverna panormos, skopelos panormos, tavernas panormos skopelos

  • The menu includes fresh fish, grilled meats, amazingly cooked, and a variety of delicious appetizers.
  • Stay to enjoy the idyllic sunset.
  • Eating next to the sea breeze you will experience the absolute summer of Greece

The Vassiliki Taverna offers traditional food with magnificent sea views in a family atmosphere.taverna vasiliki panormos, panormos skopelos, tavernas panormos skopelos

  • On the menu, you will find juicy grilled meats, fresh salads, and a variety of appetizers.
  • The Taverna’s specialty is stuffed chicken with plums.
  • Try the amazing greek souvlaki.

Those were suggestions for delicious food in Panormos.


Panormos in ancient times was the site of an ancient city. Indeed, some parts of the old wall are still perceived. In antiquity, Skopelos was called Peparithos. Moreover, it was named after the first settler of the island, Peparithos, brother of Prince Stafylos.

For those of you who love the history of each place, you would like to know that Panormos was one of the three ancient fortified cities of Skopelos. Therefore, at the top of the hill above Panormos known as Palaiokastro, you will find the ruins in pretty good condition from the walls of the ancient city. So there was the Acropolis.

Skopelos Panormos Village, Skopelos Panormos Beach, Skopelos beachesTo get there you just have to cross a wonderful path. In the same place and in equally good condition is the Cave of Panas. The only place of worship of God Pan deity is Skopelos. –  Skopelos Blog –

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