Greenery, safe, and without currents, Stafylos may be in the best position to become the hot spot of the summer season. Stafilos is one of the most famous and frequented beaches which is very close to Skopelos Chora.Skopelos Stafilos Beach, Skopelos beaches, Stafylos beach skopelos Besides the majestic scenery on the beach, where the green pines reach the crystal blue sea, Stafylos offers also dreamy sea views. Since it is built upon a hill. Next to Stafylos is the dreamy beach of Velanio. In fact, is the only beach where nudism is allowed.

During the summer season, Stafylos is full of life. There are a lot of hotels, studios, and apartments, traditional tavernas, mini markets, and souvenir shops.


Stafilos beach is one the most popular beach on Skopelos island. Most probably due to the short distance from Skopelos ChoraStafylos beach is located in a magnificent bay at the foot of a mountain covered with pine trees.

Skopelos Stafilos Beach, Skopelos beaches, Stafylos beach skopelos

The small peninsula of Stafilos is located on the south coast of Skopelos. Stafylos is a beautiful organized beach just 4 km from the town of Skopelos.  Actually, it is 4 km by vehicle and there are another 500 meters that you will have to walk to reach the beach.

In order to go to Stafylos, you can drive your private car, take a taxi, use the local transportation, or even go on foot from Skopelos Chora.


  1. The sloping road of 500 meters is steep and may not be suitable for people with walking disabilities.
  2. While having your own vehicle be aware that during the high season of the summer, car space becomes limited.


Stafilos Beach on Skopelos island is sandy with pebbles and some rocks and the water is an enchanting blue-green. Stafylos Beach is an organized beach with sun loungers umbrellas and a beach bar. On the beach bar, you can have water, coffee, summer cocktails, beverages, and snacks. Lifeguard services are also available.

Skopelos Stafilos Beach, Skopelos beaches, Stafylos beach skopelos

Staphylos beach is a very beautiful pebbled bay with grey sand and large rocks. On the shore, there are basically small pebbles and some coarse sand. The waters are not very deep so it is an ideal place for children.

Although it is not one of the wider beaches in Skopelos, there is space for you away from the beach bar. Where you can have your own summer equipment feel tranquil and become part of natural beauty. Only part of the beach has sun loungers the other half remains unspoiled.

Stafilos beach is utterly beautiful. The dreamy landscape of the green pined hills in combination with the deep blue sea makes you feel like you’re in a heaven place.

Many of the people that have visited Stafilos insist that is an ideal beach for snorkeling all over the cove.

Skopelos Stafilos Beach, Skopelos beaches, Stafylos beach skopelos


Skopelos island is not only a perfect summer destination. No one can deny that it is a dreamy place to spend your summer vacation. But beyond the majestic landscapes and the magnificent beaches, Skopelos has a rich historical heritage to show.

It all started around the 15th century B.C (the Mycenaean era) when Peparithos and his brother Stafylos came to Skopelos island. In fact, in ancient years Skopelos name was Peparithos. The name of the first inhabitant.

Both Peparithos and Stafylos were sons of God Dionysus and Ariadne. Dionysus, is the son of Zeus and Semele. A God of the fertility of nature, of wine and inspires creativity in music and poetry. Ariadne, on the other hand, is the daughter of King Minos of Crete and Pasiphaë. She helped Theseus to escape from the Minotaur’s labyrinth.

Stafylos was a hero at that time. He even participated in Jasons’ crew to bring back the Golden Fleece from Colchis. He was one of the fifty Argonauts. Skopelos Stafilos Beach, Skopelos beaches, Stafylos beach skopelos


The Stafylos area was named after prince Stafylos. To be more specific in 1936 Professor N. Platon discovered the tomb of Stafylos. The prince has built his settlement near Skopelos Chora. But his tomb was found on Stafylos beach, specifically in the cape that separates Staphylos from  Velanio beach.

The tomb is one of the most important examples of the Mycenaean and Minoan periods. Moreover, they also found on Stafylos beach the prince’s sword. You can admire it in the Archaeological Museum of Athens.

At the end of  Stafylos beach there you can still admire remainings of Mycenaean (1600-1100 BC) walls.


Stafylos area offers a complete package for pleasant vacations. If you wish to spend there your holidays there is accommodation in Stafylos. Furthermore, there are nice hotels, rooms, apartments, and studios to rent.

The most popular hotels for accommodation in Stafylos are the Stafylos Suites and the Prince Stafilos.

Mando Beachfront, Irida Apartments, Olympion Apartments, and Stafylos Studios are also good options.


Stafylos restaurant is located at Stafylos bay. The restaurant (stafylos taverna) offers delicious meals with spectacular sea views. It is open daily from 12:30 to 23:00. The menu will cover all tastes and the lovers of fresh fish will get a lot of satisfaction.

stafylos restaurant skopelos, stafylos beach skopelos

The friendly environment and the authentic Greek flavors will make you return to Stafylos restaurant ( stafilos taverna). But it is the amazing views of Stafylos bay that will totally still your heart.

EXTRA TIP: Stafylos Restaurant ( stafilos taverna) can host your wedding or any other special event of your life.


Stafylos beach in Skopelos is a dreamy green bay. The pines are rooted in the crystal clear sea creating magnificent turquoise shades. By crossing the footpath on the rocks approximately 500 meters distance you will find Velanio Beach. Velanio has officially been declared a nudist beach.

velanio beach, beaches skopelos, stafylos beach

Nowadays, Velanio beach is the only official nudist beach on the island. The beach is magnificent with crystal clear waters, tranquil and never too crowded. You do have to visit this magical beach. Furthermore, it offers amazing views of the rocks and the dreamy landscape while you are enjoying your swim. The seabed is ideal for snorkeling and exploring.

Velanio Beach is wider than Stafylos. It has mostly white sand with a mixture of pebbles and rocks all over the shore. The landscape is astonishing. It deserves every single step you make to reach it. The beauty of nature will definitely touch your heart.

velanio beach, beaches skopelos, stafylos beach

  • There is a cave with dripping water on the right side of the beach. During the Roman period at that spot where baths (in the ancient dialect baths stand for valanion)
  1. At  Velanio beach in Skopelos shortly after the dreamy sunset, you will come across free-range goats that come down to drink seawater.
  2. Coming by boat to Velanio beach in Skopelos you should be careful not only because there are many rocks but there is also a network of power cables at the point where the two beaches are separated. –  Skopelos Blog –

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