The picturesque Glossa Village of Skopelos is another great summer destination !! After all, Skopelos island has many beauties besides the charming Chora. The small village of Glossa, built at an altitude of about 300 meters above Loutraki Port, offers unique views and magnificent sunsets. It has two settlements, its seaport being Loutraki Port and Mahala (or Atheatos Village).

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Glossa is the second largest village of Skopelos and is on the NW side of the island. It is 25 kilometers from Skopelos Town, the road is asphalted with just a lot of turns.

Glossa and its surrounding areas have olive, almond, and plum trees. You will also find many springs with running freshwater.

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The unparalleled beauty of Glossa does not just fascinate visitors. On the contrary, even the great writer Alexandros Papadiamantis, originally from neighboring Skiathos, in his short story “Nostalgus” refers to Glossa as “High Village”. Alexander Moraitidis again refers to Glossa as “the vine planted area”.

The Glossa village has an idyllic view of the Aegean Sea, Skiathos island and you can even see Pelion at the back. The incomparable view so generously offered by the settlement of Glossa has rightly given it the title “balcony of the Aegean”.

glossa skopelos, villages skopelos, glossa village skopelos

THE RESIDENTS of glossa village.

A stroll through the picturesque cobblestones and stairs of Glossa is always a pleasure. The permanent residents of the village of Glossa are around 800. Most maintain the traditions, culture, and dialect of the village. It is possible to meet women dressed in local costumes and traditional dresses.

Most of the inhabitants of Glossa are occupated with vineyards. Particularly in the old years, while still operating a shipyard in Loutraki, many men had followed the sea. Indeed there were many captains and sailors. Even inside the houses, the housewives decorated in a prominent place all the gifts they brought from their travels, emphasizing their financial well-being.




the houses in glossa village

glossa skopelos, villages skopelos, glossa village skopelos

The beautiful Glossa Village of Skopelos is a picturesque village with uphill and downhill routes and a vibrant traditional aesthetic. The majority of the two-storey houses have tiled roofs and wooden balconies. Furthermore, inside the houses, there are mainly wooden roofs and stairs. A particular impression may be caused by the short doors of the houses. At the front of the houses, you will usually find iron railings. The architecture of the houses is very reminiscent of the Pelion buildings and the Macedonian influences can be seen everywhere.


There are many attributions concerning the particular name of the village of Glossa. Since Glossa in Greek means tongue. The versions for the origin of the name vary.

A realistic version is based on the morphology of the settlement. Since the cape in the sea area of the village has a tongue ( Glossa) shape.

The historical origin of the name Glossa is based on the first inhabitants of the settlement. The first settlers were Cretans from Knossos called Minoans. Specifically, the name is an alteration of the name Knossa from the ancient city of Knossos, Crete.

glossa skopelos, villages skopelos, glossa village skopelos

Another attribution of the name Glossa refers to a rare species of goats called “tongues”(Glosses). The goats roam the rocks of Glossa and are famous for the excellent quality of their wool.

Finally, the most humorous version of the inhabitants of Glossa itself has to do with the uphill and downhill roads in the village. You get so tired to climb them up and down that your tongue comes out of your mouth.


In the beautiful Glossa, it is worth visiting the Folklore Museum above the Church of the Assumption. This temple is one of a kind because of the uniqueness of its belfry.

The Folklore Museum of Glossa was opened in 2002. It is a traditional two-storey house where you will admire the scenic decoration and architecture of the village of Skopelos.

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There you will admire traditional costumes of Skopelos but also authentic traditional furniture, handicrafts, embroidery, and textiles.

Also, do not miss a visit to the Museum of Cultural Heritage of the Hellenic Foundation’s Perseus Library which is located in the settlement of Glossa in Skopelos.

Also worth visiting is the Monastery of Agios Taxiarchis in Glossa which is on the road to Perivoliou beach just outside the settlement. The monastery, according to a stone slab in its enclosure, was originally built in 1672. It was probably renovated during the Turkish occupation.

SUMMER CUSTOMS IN glossa village

Throughout Greece and the Orthodox world, on August 15, the Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary is celebrated with great devotion. On the eve of the feast and the day of the Virgin Mary in every corner of Greece, the Virgin Mary is glorified according to the customs of each place.

In Glossa on the eve of August 15, the faithful attend the Vespers at the Church of the Assumption. After the evening service, the faithful follow the image of the Virgin Mary in the streets of the village.

On the day of Holy Mary, the inhabitants of Glossa get dressed officially to honor the Virgin Mary and attend the Divine Liturgy. At the Church of the Assumption, the bells are ringing with joy and they share the holy bread and  “koliva (memorial food) of Virgin Mary” (a local recipe).


A place always reminds us of flavors, smells, and recipes. So does Glossa Village, as a classic village offers you tasty options to enjoy well-cooked food while gazing at the idyllic view of the place! Food in Glossa is an excellent experience.

The best view is definitely in the restaurant “Agnanti”.agnanti restaurant glossa, glossa villa skopelos

In Agnanti, you will enjoy both a refined dinner based on traditional family recipes and amazing views throughout the Aegean.

An equally worthwhile choice is the restaurant “Faros”. The magnificent views will take your breath away, a perfect combination of the blue of the sky with that of the sea.

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Apart from the view and the idyllic sunsets, you will taste a carefully crafted menu. At Faros Restaurant you will enjoy authentic Greek food made with pure fresh local ingredients.

Another excellent choice is “Plateia Cafe”. Plateia Cafe is in the central square of the picturesque Glossa Village in Skopelos.

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Plateia Cafe has a cozy friendly environment and offers a delicious menu with snack-billed goodies. You can also enjoy your coffee and your sweet treat. On the balcony, you will enjoy amazing views.

Moreover, there are some nights with live Greek music for extra fun.


The traditional village of Glossa, besides its delicious food and picturesque nature, offers you Greek fun too!

We suggest you take a stroll to the “Monogramma Cafe” in the center of the village.

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To “Monogramma Cafe” operates from morning to evening serving coffees, juices, drinks, and snacks. Monogramma organizes also thematic parties. Therefore it gives a new impetus to the nightlife of Glossa.

If you choose Glossa Village of Skopelos for vacation or just visit the village, we encourage you to go to P’ tharakia ( Ptharakia ) Espresso & Cocktail bar.

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P’ tharakia Espresso & Cocktail bar is a few meters down the main street of Glossa. It operates from morning to evening offering breakfast, coffees, snacks, summer cocktails, and idyllic sunsets!


The picturesque Glossa Village is there waiting for you to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation and fun.  Visit Glossa for the generous hospitality. –  Skopelos Blog –

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