The rise in Skopelos Tourism

The rumors claim that Skopelos Island is not the most popular among the Northern Sporades. The rumors claim that Skopelos is basically a family island. The rumors keep saying that Skopelos is not so easy to reach location.

Contrary to rumors, Skopelos has shown great tourist growth in recent years. The tourism of Skopelos has changed for the better with more tourists enjoying their summer holidays in the green paradise of the Northern Sporades.

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In recent years there has been a significant and obvious increase in tourism in Skopelos. The tourism industry is nowadays optimistic for Skopelos Island. Tourism flows from Greece and from both EU and non-EU travelers.

The experience of the older generations combined with the fresh ideas of the new generation have given a brand new image to the island. It is obvious that they are all now investing substantially in tourism. As a result of new ideas, new ultra-modern hotel complexes appear dynamically on the scene making it even more attractive for guests.

People are now discovering the lush green landscape and unique culture of Skopelos. Visitors have significant reasons to want to spend more overnight stays on the island as there are many things to do and see.

Below we will list our reasons why Skopelos has been on the rise and more and more people want to visit it.


The island gained popularity after the screening of the famous musical Mamma Mia. The filming of the movie took place in the majestic landscapes of the green Skopelos. Green in Blue embraces Hollywood.

skopelos tourism, skopelos mamma mia

After the huge success of the film Mamma Mia, more and more tourists want to visit Skopelos and get to know the places where the protagonists (Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan) “lived”.

Kastani beach, Glysteri beach, Amarantos beach, Ai Giannis Church are some of the hot spots for the fans of the Mamma Mia movie.


The new generation has dynamically taken over, shaping new entertainment conditions on this wonderful island.

Skopelos experience

Classic bars have been given a modern twist, offering cool cocktails and trendy music.

New concepts have also emerged such as clothing and accessories shops that offer at the same time an aperitif or even a well-cooked meal.

An original concept has also been developed, by converting a piece of land into an activity park with traditional homemade recipes all made by local products, and a small farm. Welcome to . the “Skopelos experience”.


Imagine the perfect spot for a picnic in nature, chilling, reading your book, and playing beneath the pine trees.

You don’t have to imagine anymore because two friends have created this perfect spot for all of you.

Two friends (Dimitris and Linos) had the brilliant idea to create an adventure park with many chilling spots(swings and hammocks), a small farm, and handmade delicious snacks.

Skopelos experience

Skopelos experience includes the right food truck with many delicious recipes (vegan included) all made of local products and with respect to nature. Includes also a small farm with a dog, a male donkey, and goats.

Moreover, there are many activities and games to participate in. Old school games where children and adults come closer to mother nature. Skopelos experience is ideal for friends, couples, and families with children.

Some events are Slow Food, Horse Riding, and Under the Stars.


Along with the new ideas come the integration of outdoor activities.  In the field of recreation, a great deal of effort has been made both to establish them and to develop them. Young people, again, have organized and established new activities on the island of Skopelos such as cycling, hiking, Stand Up Paddleboarding (S.U.P), and kayaking.

Skopelos Cycling Biking Bicycle


Cycling in Skopelos is no longer just an activity, it is an integrated concept. Panagiotis managed to develop his hobby and make it a profession.

In his store, located in Skopelos Chora,  you can rent a bicycle. But the most important is that you will have the opportunity to experience cycling depending on your level. There are organized cycling tours all over Skopelos. You can discover the whole island with a great group of people.  There is even a Night Ride Tour.

Skopelos Cycling Biking Bicycle


Skopelos is one of the top destinations for hiking lovers. Since there are numerous trails to walk in. Volunteers took the initiative to highlight the unique trails of the island in a proper and organized way.  As a result, they keep the paths and natural crossings clear and distinct.

Skopelos trekking hiking

There are predetermined routes in and out of Chora, on beaches, in the mountains, but everyone with the right equipment and company has the opportunity to discover all the trails of the island.


Skopelos Stand Up Paddleboarding (S.U.P) has gained popularity. It is now considered a famous outdoor activity. Furthermore, it is addressed to all age groups. Young and old alike have the opportunity to play with the sea waters and discover hidden aspects of the island.

The most popular paddleboarding ride is the ”Sunset tours”. This tour lasts 2,5 hours and it is an organized ride, that takes place daily upon request.


Kayaking is located on Milia Beach. The well-trained staff will help even the beginners to love this activity. Since Kayaking features a wide variety of activities for all ages and levels of experience. The kayaking team offers organized routes lasting from a few hours to week-long by exploring the island’s beauties.

Skopelos kayaking kayak


On the one hand, the suitable natural landscape for outdoor activities, and on the other hand, the willingness of young people for more and different activities achieved a perfect result.

Therefore, you can feel adventurous on Skopelos Island by taking part in organized outdoor recreation activities.


Since the summer of 2014, an organized Dive Center operates on Skopelos Island, specifically in Adrina Beach Hotel. That is also the only Diving Center in the Northern Sporades. In fact, where there was no diving at all, suddenly we have in “blo” Panormos one of the biggest shipwrecks (Christoforos Shipwreck).

skopelos scuba diving dive center sporades diving

There has been a huge effort in order to develop the dive center on Skopelos Island. The well-trained staff will properly guide you to dive with safety. Instead of just diving or snorkeling you can have lessons and take a certified diploma.

The most popular diving courses are “Open Water Diver” and “Advanced Open Water Diver”.

skopelos scuba diving dive center sporades diving

While the most popular activities are “Discover Scuba Diving” and “Cruising With Snorkeling”.

Be a part of this unique experience to discover Skopelos majestic underwater world.


Adrina Hotels give another meaning to the summer holidays. The dreamy location, the excellent facilities combined with the highly professional services are essential reasons to take a “ride” from Skopelos.

skopelos tourism, skopelos adrina hotels, adrina beach, adrina resort and spa

Adrina Hotels are the 5 stars Adrina Resort and Spa and the 4 stars Adrina Beach. Both offer swimming pools with seawater.  Adrina Hotels are just the ideal hotels on the beach offering all luxury comforts.

skopelos adrina hotels, skopelos adrina resort and spa

The beachfront Adrina Hotels are built in the ideal place of Skopelos Island, in the middle of the island, on a marvelous slope up to the sea that at the very same time is covered with pine trees.

skopelos adrina beach

The luxury services of Adrina Hotels have upgraded the quality of tourism. The key to success is simple indeed. Friendly smiley people, cozy atmosphere, warm hospitality, and highest international standards of service and facilities.

Be prepared for another big surprise on Skopelos Island. Adrina Hotels are expanding by building another jewelry hotel in the same perfect spot. We can not wait to see the new facilities and the new services.


Even for 3 days, many will want to come to live their myth in Adrina Hotels and taste the Greek flavors in the Adrina Taverna.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Adrina Taverna is one of the best places to eat in the Sporades.

skopelos tourism, skopelos adrina taverna

Adrina Taverna offers excellent traditional dishes of the highest quality. The menu is based on greek traditions products. Fresh salads, ground beef with yogurt sauce, chicken bites wrapped in bacon, picania, octopus, calamari, marinated mussels, and many others.

The special dish is the lobster spaghetti along with the traditional rofos stifado (grouper stew with onions) or even orzo of scorpina fish. Recipes and cuisines are constantly evolving. In order to achieve the best results, the chefs are on a constant search for new flavors that will delight your palate.


In addition to the excellent food quality, the desserts are also excellent. At the same time as the established favorites, there is a constant evolution. The pastry will make even the most demanding of you melt in delight.

Moreover, in Adrina Taverna, there is a remarkable wine list. You can enjoy both your lunch and dinner.


Skiathos airport is international with daily flights from all over Europe. Some of them are even direct.

water taxi skiathos, skopelos water taxi

The distance from Skiathos to Skopelos by using the water taxi is approximately 30 minutes. Depends on which port you wish to dock in.

Another advantage is that with the water taxi you can choose your preferred location of the call.

As a result, Skopelos can also be approached by airplane, even indirectly.

Thessaloniki – Skopelos. direct ferry connection

For the last two years, there has been a direct ferry line from the port of Thessaloniki to the port of Skopelos and vice versa. Within 4 hours passengers arrive from Thessaloniki to Skopelos.

 skopelos tourism, skopelos thessaloniki boat

The SEA JET ferry company, with its modern fleet, has filled the gap of previous years.
With this new agreement, travelers from Northern Greece have direct and easy access to the Northern Sporades and Skopelos


In the new decade, another port serves the connection with Skopelos. Mantoudi Port is located in Evia and is only 2,30 hours by car away from Athens. The trip duration is approximately 2 hours or less. Depending on the route the ship will follow.

skopelos mantoudi, skopelos tourism

Two ferry companies serve this direct line,  ANES FERRIES and SEA JET. For those who haven’t their own vehicles, there are busses from the ferry companies.

As you can see approaching Skopelos is not a big thing.

Please be our guests. A new tourist era has begun in Skopelos as people are investing heavily in Skopelos tourism now.

You are more than welcome to live your myth in Skopelos and discover plenty of reasons why this island is worth visiting again and again. – Skopelos Blog

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