First time in Skopelos. Welcome to this dreamy island. The greenest island of the Aegean. The island of the famous movie Mamma Mia!! You just picked the right place to have an unforgettable vacation. Enjoy your vacation in Skopelos.


Skopelos is the bigger island in the Northern Sporades. It is between Skiathos and Alonissos.

Some more info for being the first time in Skopelos. Despite the growing tourism, Skopelos is always stuck to the traditional character of the island.  By the way, Skopelo’s picturesque Chora has the title of the traditional settlement. The other big settlement of Skopelos is Glossa Village on the northwest side of the island.

Skopelos Town Chora, Vacation in Skopelos
Skopelos Chora

Skopelos beaches are famous worldwide. Everybody knows that the biggest part of the island is covered by pine forests. Therefore, there are extraordinary landscapes where the pine trees touch the shores of the sea. The beaches of Skopelos are one of the main reasons to spend your vacation in Skopelos.

The hospitality of the locals will make you feel at home from your very first step.
Restaurants and Tavernas serve delicious quality local dishes.
There are modern cafes and bars to enjoy your cool summer cocktail. You will have a loyal breakfast at cafes and bakeries.

If you are a culture lover you can visit the museums, the 360 (yes so many) churches, and the monasteries of the island.

Skopelos monasteries, skopelos churches
Agios Ioannis Prodromos

On the other hand, if you are an adventurous guy go diving and snorkeling to the magnificent beaches or go hiking and cycling to the marvelous mountains.

Skopelos is a beautiful green island with numerous choices.


Travelers who come from northern Greece will approach Skopelos from Volos, while those coming from the south will travel from Agios Konstantinos, Mantoudi (Evia), or Kymi (Evia).

Travelers from abroad can travel by plane to the neighboring Skiathos island.

That was some basic information for Skopelos island.

Let’s now have a look at the “fake news” or the myths regarding Skopelos.

Two basic myths about Skopelos

MYTH No 1. Skopelos is a tranquil island, tourists usually don’t prefer it.

Are you sure tourists do not prefer Skopelos? I am afraid so, no! Although many internet sites claim that. Basically due to the fact that Skopelos has no airport, but Skiathos has.
We cannot deny that getting to Skopelos is not the easiest thing. However, Skopelos has many loyal fans. It is a peaceful island with many guests. A lot of tourists from all over the world visit Skopelos every summer. One of the advantages is that there are always places and beaches to visit where there are not so crowded. There are always tavernas to eat and spaces for parking.

Skopelos mix and match all kinds of tourists and preferences.

Skopelos Elios, Neo Klima Village skopelos
Elios Neo Klima Village
MYTH No 2. Skopelos is basically a family-oriented island.

Are you sure that only families prefer Skopelos?  We do not think so, that’s not the case. Young people love Skopelos. The youth have many activities to do on Skopelos island and many trendy places to go.  This beautiful island offers great cafes, Jazz bars, beach bars, live festivals with rebetiko greek music, and dance festivals that participate people and groups from all over the world. Moreover, bars like Skala,  La Costa, and Mercurius and clubs like exodus will satisfy for sure younger ages.

Young people can dance, have summer cocktails, and enjoy their vacation to the maximum level.

skopelos holidays, adrina hotels skopelos
Adrina Resort and Spa, Nero Restaurant



Skopelos is a picture-perfect island offering the most attractive climate ever. Due to the pine forests, this green island is never too hot. Moreover, you won’t face summer winds here.


The beaches are clean throughout the way. Furthermore, beaches in Skopelos have crystal clear almost transparent water. You will definitely enjoy your swimming. You may even meet dolphins and seals.


Skopelos has an eco-character that gives the guests the opportunity to enjoy nature by doing adventurous activities.


Skopelos remains their traditional character. No matter the publicity of Mamma Mia the movie locals keep respecting their mentality. Therefore, in taverns and restaurants, you will delight tasteful handmade dishes instead of junk food. MUST taste the traditional cheese pie.

skopelos food, skopelos traditional cheese pie, adrina taverna
Traditional Cheese Pie, Adrina Taverna


Visit Skopelos because this lush island offers magnificent beaches to swim in.
The most popular ones are Kastani, Milia, and Panormos beach.

Skopelos Milia, skopelos beaches
Milia Beach

Kastani is well known as the mamma mia beach. Milia is considered the most beautiful beach while Panormos is more familiar to families. At Kastani beach there is a beach bar. At Milia beach, there is a beach bar and a tavern. Panormos beach is full of tavernas and cafes.
Stafylos beach is close to Skopelos Chora and has a traditional taverna. Next to Stafylos is Velanio beach, which is the nudist beach of the island.

Skopelos Velanio, skopelos beaches
Velanio Beach

In the picturesque port of Agnontas, you will eat fresh fish. Close to Agnontas is the impressive Limnonari beach. At Limnonari there are beach bars and tavernas.

Skopelos Agnontas, skopelos beaches
Agnontas Beach

Glysteri beach is just very close to Chora and offers a beach bar.

Other not organized beaches are Amarantos, Armenopetra, and Chovolo.

Still, there are other beaches to discover on Skopelos Island.

Every summer the local transportation travels the guests from the Skopelos Chora to Glossa Village. There are bus stops to all the main beaches. Vacation in Skopelos is the perfect solution for your summer.

We can not suggest the most incredible beach. Every single beach has a unique beauty. The landscape of all beaches that combine the pine hills with the sea is breathtaking.

must VISIT

Panagitsa of Pyrgos

Visiting Skopelos means visiting the church Panagitsa of Pyrgos. Βuilt on a hill on the edge of the old town, you will climb some steps (about 70) to reach this small but imposing white church. The temple dates back to the 17th century. The best time to visit it is just before sunset. The views are breathtaking. From the Aegean to the Alonissos island, to the Skopelos Chora.

skopelos panagitsa of pyrgos, skopelos sightseeings
Panagitsa of Pyrgos
Ai Giannis Chapel

The beautiful dominant chapel of Ai Giannis in Kastri became popular after the Hollywood film Mamma Mia! Since Donna (Meryl Streep) and Sam (Pierce Brosnan) married here. This small chapel dated back to the 18th century. It is built on a 100m rocky hill. To reach the chapel you need to climb 106 steps. The magnificent views of the Aegean Sea to Alonissos will take your breath away!

Skopelos Churches Agios Ioannis, skopelos churches, skopelos mamma mia
Ai Giannis Kastri, Mamma Mia Church
Monasteries of Mountain Palouki

Mountain Palouki is just opposite the picturesque Skopelos Chora. There are several monasteries to visit. Sotiros, Agia Varvara and Agios Ioannis Prodromos Monasteries. Some are open to the public. Νuns are especially friendly as they open the door to the public offering local delicacies, buns, and amulets. Any offers from you are welcome. The monasteries in mountain Palouki have distinct architectural and historical interests.

Skopelos Monasteries, Agia Varvara skopelos, mountain palouki
Agia Varvara Monastery

The road to the monasteries is narrow, with dust and curves, so you have to be careful while driving.


First time in Skopelos? You ensure you will get thrilled by the local food.

Enjoying your vacation in Skopelos and being in Skopelos town visit the taverna “ta kymata”, “rodi”  and “tou dimitraki”. “Anatoli” offers also great views and authentic rebetiko music.

skopelos tavernas, skopelos anatoli, skopelos rembetika

Outside Skopelos Chora, you must eat at Adrina Taverna in Adrina Beach Hotel, do not forget to taste among others the Lobster Spaghetti.

skopelos restaurants, skopelos adrina hotels, adrina taverna
Adrina Taverna, Adrina Beach Hotel

In Elios visit “Manolis Taverna” and the “5 Platania Hovolo Restaurant”.

“Flisvos Taverna” in Loutraki is a great choice as well.


Being for the first time in Skopelos and having doubts about where to book. No worries since there are many places to book while spending your vacation in Skopelos.

In Skopelos Chora, the hotel “Skopelos Village” offers excellent hospitality. Moreover, Skopelos Village is a 4 stars hotel located just 600 meters from Skopelos port.

skopelos hotels, skopelos sunrise village hotel
Skopelos Sunrise Village Hotel

Outside Skopelos Town, the best choice is the Adrina Hotels in Panormos. Adrina Hotels are the Adrina Beach Hotel and the Adrina Resort and Spa.

The beachfront Adrina Beach Hotel is a 4 stars hotel offering excellent professional services.  Moreover, at the premises of Adrina Beach Hotel, there is the Adrina Taverna, a swimming pool, a playground, a breakfast area, and magnificent views of Blo.

adrina hotels skopelos, adrina beach hotel, adrina resort and spa
Adrina Hotels

Adrina Resort and Spa is a 5 stars hotel. In fact, it is the most exclusive place to spend your vacations since it offers full-pack wellness treatments. The hotel is built on a magnificent slope literally a few short steps from the private beach offering a swimming pool, two restaurants, a beach bar, and beach services, a playfield,  a fully equipped spa while you can move by using the teleferic.


Skopelos Hiking, Cycling

Skopelos is not only an island with magnificent beaches but also a mountainous island. The two mountains of the island are Delphi and Palouki. Therefore, many trails are there that are worth walking. So, for trekking lovers, Skopelos is a perfect place.

Furthermore, Skopelos has excellent great routes for cycling. Skopelos is covered by pine forests. It is the green island of the Aegean. Hiking and Cycling is a magnificent experiences for all of your senses. Every step you make is an opportunity to admire the lush nature.

Skopelos Dive Center

First time in Skopelos and the adventure begins…discover Skopelos seabed. The Skopelos Dive Center is located in Adrina Beach Hotel in the  Panormos area.

skopelos scuba diving, dive center sporades diving, adrina hotels skopelos
Skopelos Dive Center

Diving is an amazing way to discover the bottom of the sea. Skopelos is the ideal place for diving. In the Dive center, you can also learn how to dive and even take a certification. Do not miss visiting the Christoforos shipwreck in Panormos. Furthermore, the adventurous guest can do a lot of snorkeling on Skopelos Island.

To conclude, you should visit Skopelos for all the abovementioned.

It’s the first time in Skopelos but certainly not the last.

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