The very best of Skopelos in 6 days

Skopelos is definitely the island of deep green on bright blue. The island of Skopelos gives out generously its beauties to all the visitors. Starting from the alive traditional Chora, by continuing the green on blue beaches, an endless celebration of the magic of the Aegean Sea, and finishing by all the myths that embrace the island.

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The blessed Skopelos has many splendid beaches for all tastes, a magnificent Chora, numerous sightseeing, celebrity glamour straight from Hollywood that attracts all of your 5 senses. The fact that more than 2/3 of the island is covered by pine forests, will give you the strong feeling to be out, breath out loud, and explore.

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Except for the traditional tavernas, usually run by families, there are also excellent restaurants that emphasize creative cuisine where the best result comes out of the combination of the local products with a modern perspective. Skopelos gastronomy is of the pros of Sporades Island. Delicious dishes on the beach, in alleyways inside Chora and villages, alongside spectacular views.

How you can go to Skopelos

First of all, let’s see how can you go. So, Skopelos is accessible by:

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  • first by plane to Skiathos and then take a water taxi. There are many countries especially in Europe with direct flights.

Skopelos Skiathos Airport


It doesn’t take long to realize that once being in Skopelos you really want to explore the Mamma Mia filmings scenes. Do it the very first day on the island. There are tourist offices organizing day trips to the location where the famous film was shot. Follow the protagonists, swim on the same beach, dance like there’s no tomorrow, and become the shining star of the Sporades.

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Stop 1: Ai Giannis Church

The top Mamma Mia spot is of course the church that hosted the wedding of our protagonists, Meryl Streep as Donna and Pierce Brosnan as Sam. The exact scene before the wedding was the ultimate interpretation of Meryl Streep singing the abba song “The Winner Takes it All” under the church steps.

Skopelos Churches Agios Ioannis Aerial Photo

The famous chapel is Ai Giannis in Kastri. Agios Ioannis in Kastri is one of the most picturesque chapels ever. The location of the church is closer to Glossa Village than to the main town. Although you will need to climb 106 steps, all carved in the rock, a photo taken there is a prerequisite for the very best Skopelos vacations.

Following the signs to Agios Ioannis Church, you will also arrive at the Ai Giannis Spilia beach. After so many steps, a dip in the turquoise waters will immediately cool you down.

Stop 2: Kastani Beach – Mamma Mia Beach

No doubt Kastani beach is the most popular and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Being at Kastani is a must-do on the  Northern Sporades.



The astonished Kastani beach is surrounded by pine trees that create a natural shade. The sandy bay has a few rocks at each end and small pebbles among the white sand. The green-on-blue scenery will blow your mind.

There is a beach bar as well as umbrellas and sun loungers. You can reach Kastani beach either by car or by the local bus.

A tip just for you: Opposite there is the small island of Dassia which is constantly shown in the film.


Stop 1: Glysteri Beach

One more day to explore the beauties of this majestic island. What about a beach near Chora? Glysteri Beach is just 4 kilometers away from Skopelos town. Just ten minutes by car. The easy access in combination with the crystal clear water of the beach will convince you that you must visit. You can also take a boat from the port of the town that takes the route.


At Glisteri beach the pine trees embrace the landscape, enchanting the visitor with the unique combination of green and blue.

Glisteri beach bar is a modern ecological construction close to nature. Enjoy your coffee, salad, sandwich, or your summer cocktail here! Besides the beach bar, there are umbrellas, sun loungers, and showers on the beach.

Stop 2: Chora

It won’t take you a long time to realize that the heart of Skopelos is the Chora of the island. Skopelos Chora has declared a traditional settlement due to the unchanged architecture.  It is built amphitheatrically and extends from the castle ( Kastro) down to the port. At the edge of Chora, you can see the popular church Panagitsa of Pyrgos

skopelos chora skopelos com

There are hundreds of reasons to spend a day in Chora. The picturesque alleys with the bougainvillea, the food – sweets temptations, the interesting restaurantstavernas, the special cafes, the shops with refreshing cocktails, the sights, the museums, the market with the wonderful clothes, handmade jewelry, souvenirs as well as the works of art of local artists, such as ceramics, miniature ships, and knives.

Do not forget to taste the traditional Skopelos cheese pie.

Stop 3: Anatoli

Having stayed late in Chora you are not allowed not to go up to the Anatoli of George Xintaris.

Skopelos Town Aerial Photo

The ouzeri (greek taverna) is by far in the best location in Chora. High up with a view of the 4 points of the horizon. Homemade flavors and real Greek music without a microphone. The famous rebetis George Xintaris along with his sons, Antonis and Thodoris, along with their bouzouki, guitar and baglama will immerse you in Greek culture.


Stop 1: Panormos

On your third day on Skopelos visit a hotspot of the island. Panormos beach. The beach is 600 meters long. Moreover, it has mostly pebbles and some sandy areas. Blue waters surrounded by pine trees. An amazing landscape. In comparison with the others beaches of the island, Panormos has deep blue waters rather than turquoises or green. That is happening due to deep waters in the area


Skopelos Panormos Village Beach Seaview Photo

Panormos has a great view of the natural port “Blo” and a marvelous sunset. At the beach, you can have snacks, refreshments, and water from the bars, keep also in mind that Panormos is the most protected beach by the wind. Access is easy by car. There is also a station of local buses.

Stop 2: Adrina Taverna

Adrina Taverna is inside the 4 star Adrina Beach Hotel in Panormos. It is not an exaggeration to claim that the specific taverna is on the top 3 of Sporades restaurants.

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What could be more relaxing on your holidays to eat while enjoying the sounds of the sea and the waves? To eat while admiring the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. The menu at Antrina taverna consists of creative Greek dishes. Do not miss the lobster and the scorpionfish spaghetti. The polite and professional service is also a plus.


Stop 1: Limnonari

Another day another beach to visit. The impressive beach of Limnonari, or the lake (limni in Greece) of the Ancient God of war Ares, offers you an amazing scenery where, once again, the nature of Skopelos has created an art painting. The pine trees embrace the emerald green waters, the white sand, and the small pebbles are coming to compete with the bottom of Limnonari, which features a slab of calcium.

Skopelos Limnonari Beach Seaview Photo

Limnonari beach has a beach bar, umbrellas, and sun loungers. It is just 8 minutes drive from Skopelos Chora, the access is easy and there is parking space.

Stop 2: Seafood and Sunset in Agnontas

The bay of Agnontas is mainly popular for its tsipouradika (Greek tavern) with delicious food and fresh fish and for the sunset. Neither will disappoint you. Have a coffee and enjoy dessert at “4M“. Taste authentic Greek flavors at “Pavlos” or “Korali“. Tables on the sea in a dreamy landscape where green pine trees frame the deep blue sea rooting into it.

Skopelos Agnontas Beach Seaview Photo


Option 1: Scuba Diving at Adrina Beach Hotel

You have already visited a few beaches and you have tasted traditional delicious dishes. So, today is the day for adventures. Have you ever tried scuba diving or snorkeling?

skopelos scuba diving dive center sporades diving

The Dive Center of Sporades is located in Panormos at the Adrina Beach Hotel. The well-trained staff and trainers will guide you on exactly what to do. All safety standards are followed. A new underwater world will open up for you. A unique experience that you will remember forever. You may be so enthralled by the magical underwater world, you’ll want to get your diving license here.

Option 2: Kayaking
Water Sport and SUP at Milia Beach

Milia Beach is unique not only for the emerald waters and combination of green-on-blue but also for the activities you can perform there.

Skopelos kayaking kayak, skopelos the very best, 6 days in skopelos

By Kayaking, you will discover the surroundings of Skopelos, explore secluded beaches, sea caves, and islets and you will also experience unforgettable sunset moments. There are organized Kayaking Tours or if you are experienced enough you can rent your own Kayak.

skopelos water sports, milia beach

A professional team of water sports will guide you regarding what to do, since there are many choices such as water ski, jet ski, paddle, water ski, waterboarding, tubing, etc. They practice both lessons and rentals of equipment.


Stop 1: Stafylos Beach

The beach of Stafylos is very close to Chora. It is 4 km away. It is easily accessible either by car or by the local bus. It is an organized beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, and a bar. There is also a tavernaStafylos” before you go down to the beach with excellent Greek food. The scenery once again will take your breath away; no matter where you look at it the dominance of green on blue always takes your breath away.

Skopelos Stafilos Beach Aerial Photo

Stafylos is at the foot of a mountain covered with pine trees. Crystal clear waters with green shades.

Stop 2: Velanio Beach

You can not visit Stafylos beach without crossing it and going to Velanio Beach. The spicy info here is that Velanio is the only officially declared naked beach.

Skopelos Velanio Beach Seaview Aerial Photo

Velanio is a beach you should definitely discover. It is a heaven on earth. The pale blue coexists harmoniously with the branches of green pine trees in a unique combination of colors and sensations. The sunset shines differently from this magical spot of the island.

Extra tips for unforgettable holidays.

Adventure: Rent a boat to discover more beaches and visit the small islands near (Tsoungria with a beach bar, Kira Panagia with the Byzantine monastery, Gioura, and Psathoura) or even the marine park of Northern Sporades in Alonnisos to meet the Mediterranean seal

the very best of skopelos, skopelos com sea park alonissos mediterranean seal

Recreation: Enjoy the green-on-blue nature of Skopelos by hiking, bicycling, SUP, and kayaking tours.

Skopelos kayaking kayak, very best of skopelos, 6 days

Gastronomy and Taste: Plums, variations of the traditional cheese pie, scorpionfish spaghetti, lobster spaghetti, grouper stew, traditional almond and walnut desserts, samphire, white cheese katiki, capers.

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Feelings: Feel free, become part of nature, clear your mind and fill it with positive energy, listen to the sound of the sea and the birds.

-Traveling- Come Back: Book your tickets for your next visit to Skopelos. There are so many still to explore… more to discover.


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