9 Top Captivating Experiences for Your Vacation in Skopelos

Greeting everybody to the lovely island of Skopelos, just one of the Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea. For those interested in destinations that flawlessly blend nature, rich history, and genuine Greek character, this is where to be. Skopelos means lush landscapes, crystal clear waters, and a unique tradition that will ensure your holiday will be unforgettable. Greek Island Travel.


This guide entails nine best ways of experiencing the magic of Skopelos. Such as exploring the ancient monasteries built literally on top of the rock, taking part in the vibrant local life, and tasting the Mediterranean flavors.

Come along with us on an exciting adventure full of beautiful sceneries as we show you what to look out for while in Skopelos. Skopelos Island has some fascinating spots that will keep you engaged as you visit. Let the adventure begin with the best Skopelos Travel Ideas!

1. Begin your journey by walking through Chora.

Your initial encounter with Skopelos sets the tone for your entire experience. This first impression will be certainly positive. Since, approaching the island by sea, you will face Skopelos Town, with amphitheatrically positioned houses in the Chora and port. Those white houses boasting terracotta-colored roof tiles and brown or blue wooden shutters, are framed by lush green pine trees.

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So, let’s delve into the exploration of one of the most captivating settlements in the Aegean. Do not forget that Skopelos Town holds the distinction of the traditional settlement. Mainly because of the picturesque beauty

Indulge in Skopelos’ historical allure with a visit to the Panagitsa Tower Church. Continue to the Venetian Castle where charming cafes and tavernas boast panoramic views. Enjoy a cocktail at Vrachos and Thalassa Bar.

Skopelos Town Panagitsa Church Photo

Walking from the beach to the Old Port there are cafes, tavernas, and shops with local products and souvenirs. Have a coffee at Karavia Cafe and lunch at Kymata Taverna. Visit landmarks like the Pavlos Nirvanas House and the Vakratsa Mansion. Don’t miss the Folklore Museum for a taste of the island’s culture.


TIP 1: Discover a different side of Skopelos Town by taking a leisurely stroll through its narrow streets after dark, where the warm glow of traditional lanterns and the inviting ambiance of local cafes and bars create a magical atmosphere. Experience the town’s romantic and authentic allure with quieter corners and the possibility of encountering live music as the sun sets.

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TIP 2: If you’re a fan of Rembetiko music, a must-visit spot is Anatoli Taverna. Giorgos Xintaris and his sons, Antonis and Thodoris Xintaris, play live Greek Music at its best. Check also the local events calendar for the Rembetiko Festival.

2. Explore your style by choosing from a variety of incredible beaches.

The best part of your Skopelos vacation? The stunning beaches. No matter which ones you pick, you’ll be wowed by the green-on-blue landscapes. Hard to pick just a few favorites, but we’ll try!


Embark on a coastal exploration starting with the renowned Kastani Beach, affectionately dubbed Mamma Mia Beach. Known for its stunning bay, inviting beach bar, sandy-pebble mix, and convenient access. A neighboring beauty, Milia Beach, shares similar allure, convenience as well as a beach bar. Expand your beach escapades to discover other nearby treasures such as Panormos, Elios, and Hovolo. Venture to the northeastern coast to uncover the hidden gem of Perivoliou.

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In proximity to the town, Stafilos and Velanio present sandy and pebbled options, with the latter being an ideal choice for those seeking tranquility. Glysteri is close to town and famous for the Beach Bar parties. For a more secluded and serene experience, explore the rocky bays, including the famous Amarantos, or journey up the coast to Agnontas and Limnonari. For those yearning for a sense of seclusion, consider embracing an adventurous approach by either kayaking or renting a boat to access the more tucked-away and private beach spots.

1 TIP: Agnontas Beach is the best spot for seafood and Greek Ouzo

2 TIP: Panormos, Milia, and Stafylos Beaches are the most appropriate for children

3 TIP: Velanio Beach is ideal for nudism.

3. Discover Glossa, the second-largest village in Skopelos

The High Village, the Balcony of the Aegean…these are the informal names of Glossa village. Glossa Village is the second-largest settlement of Skopelos.

Skopelos Villages Glossa Village Aerial Photo

The Village sits 250 meters high on a hillside, offering amazing views of the Aegean. It’s quite different from Chora. Notice the two-storey houses and the narrow alleys. There are shops with traditional products. It is worth visiting the monastery of Agios Tachiarchis. For dinner, a good option is Agnanti Restaurant, while for coffee choose among Rouga, Koupa Cafe Bistrot, or P’ tharakia Espresso & Cocktail Bar.

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TIP 1: Visit “ Glossiotissa”, the Skopelos  Women’s Agrotourism Association to taste the best local flavors ever.  Do not miss the spoon sweets.

Tip 2: Glossa offers stunning vistas of the Aegean Sea and Skiathos Island, with a faint glimpse of Mount Pelion in the background. Enjoy the sunset.

4. Embark on a tour to experience the authentic flavors of Skopelos through its local cuisine.

Indulge in the culinary delights during your Skopelos holiday. Delight in local specialties that set the region apart, such as intricately twisted cheese pies, delicately fried to a golden perfection. Experience the rich flavors of slow-cooked pork paired with plums, a key ingredient in the local recipes, or the goat spaghetti, and savor the aromatic rofos stifado—a hearty grouper fish stew with plums.

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For dessert enthusiasts, delight in the walnut tart and almond-based confections like hamalia, or walnut-based confections like rozedes. Avgato is a sweet spoon made of plum, while there is a variety of sweet spoons and jams. Mpougatsa, twisted pie crust filled with cream, as well as honey balls are also a must-taste.

1 TIP: For the best food experience ever visit Adrina Taverna at Adrina Beach Hotel.

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2 TIP: Skopelos offers its own beer, try the Spira Brewery in Skopelos Chora.

3 TIP: Do not leave the island without buying the local honey.

5. Enter the tradition of the potters of Skopelos.

Skopelos really values its long history of making pottery. The Rodios Pottery ceramics store and workshop near the port are a big part of this tradition. When you visit the store, you can buy some traditional unique handmade Skopelos pottery. And guess what? You can also try a pottery lesson to learn how they make these pottery items in Skopelos and pick up some cool clay-shaping and decoration tricks.

Skopelos Ceramics, Skopelos Pottery, Rodios Pottery, Skopelos Travel Ideas, Greek Island Travel


Apart from the Rodios family, (Rodios Nikos, Rodiou Magda) other important potters in Skopelos are Liz Magi, Markou Dimitra, and Markou Elena. You will also find wonderful traditional ceramic products in the local market of Skopelos.

6. Craft your personal Mamma Mia experience at Ai Giannis Chapel.

Don’t wait any longer! The Mamma Mia time has come! Let’s shoot in the place that gains all the Instagram lovers and more. Yes, it’s time to visit the famous chapel of Ai Giannis, where the marriage of Donna and Sam (Meryl Streep and Piers Brosnan) took place in the Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia”. This is the ultimate Greek Island Travel Idea.


Just before you get to Glossa heading north, follow the signs and take the small road through a pine forest. Keep going, and you’ll see the cute chapel of Agios Ioannis sitting proudly on a hill 100m above the sea. Be ready for about 100 steps to get there, so grab some water and be prepared for a little climb. The view from the top is totally worth it! Visiting Ai Giannis Chapel is one of the best Skopelos Travel Ideas.

TIP 1: The good news is, that there’s the beautiful Agios Ioannis beach below and Spilia beach nearby.

7. Cycling on Skopelos Island

Skopelos is awesome for bike adventures, thanks to its lush landscapes and the Aegean views. After all, it is the Green on Blue Island. Skopelos Cycling is an extremely organized shop in the island town. It offers all the appropriate equipment for each different type of cycling. Such as the right gear like mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and helmets. They also rent bikes and organize interesting bicycle rides. The Night Ride— a nice bike tour around town, not of hard level, is a must. You’ll ride through a riverbed and forest paths, enjoy the sunset over Agnontas port, and take breaks at magical spots.

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If you wish, you can rent bikes and go on your own journey in order to explore Skopelos Island and find your own Greek Island Travel Ideas.

TIP 1: The full moon night biking ride.

8. Unveil the enchanting underwater wonders of Skopelos

Skopelos is not only famous for the crystal clear sea water but also for the underwater world. Therefore, take your own mask and flippers, and start exploring the beaches you wish to visit. In case you are feeling more adventurous try scuba diving.

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The Skopelos Dive Center is located at the Adrina Beach Hotel in Panormos. Whether you’re trying scuba diving for the first time or you’re already an experienced diver, the Skopelos Dive Center, certified by PADI, has choices that suit your level of expertise.

TIP 1: Visit Christoforos Shipwreck.

TIP 2: Also visit the Marine Park in neighboring Alonissos.

9. Attempt a trip to visit the serene monasteries amidst the scenic beauty of Mount Palouki.

Mountain Palouki harbors a collection of primarily post-Byzantine monasteries, each possessing distinct architectural and historical significance and housing valuable relics and icons. Visiting Mountain Palouki is one of the most precious experiences in Skopelos.


Skopelos Monasteries Agios Ioannis Prodromos Photo

One of the oldest is the Metamorphosis Sotiros Monastery, constructed in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The Monastery of Agia Varvara believed to date back to the 15th century, provides breathtaking views of Alonissos. Very close is the most popular among locals Monastery of Timios Prodromos. In 1721, it underwent renovations, displaying a finely decorated wooden iconostasis adorned with intricate depictions of animals and plants. Finally, the fortress-like Evangelistria Monastery is well known for its exceptionally intricate iconostasis as well as the enhancing views.

TIP 1: The unique Souvenirs you can buy in the Monasteries.

TIP 2: Hiking is better than driving on Mountain Palouki.


With our Greek Island Travel Ideas for Skopelos discover unspoiled shorelines and quaint villages, surrounded by nature, while savoring the flavors of local cuisine. Uncover the enchanting settings where Mamma Mia was filmed and unwind in this hidden Greek treasure. Tour by bike, to reach the monasteries on Mount Palouki. Enjoy the magical underwater world of the island. Don’t neglect to take unique souvenirs with you like the famous ceramics. – Skopelos Blog

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