Mountain or Sea, Families or Couples, Nightlife or Relaxing, Adventures and Activities or Cocktails on the Beach Bar, Cosmopolitan Air or Traditional Element, Οne-Way destination or Ιsland-Ηopping, Green or Blue…Welcome to the green-on-blue dreaming vacation on Skopelos Island. No matter what are you looking for, Skopelos will enchant you because it has it all.

It’s no coincidence that in 1978, Skopelos Chora received the title of traditional settlement with a presidential decree. It is also no random fact, that in 1997, Skopelos was officially declared a “green and blue island” by the International Biopolitics Organization. What about Hollywood? In 2007, among 21 greek islands, the producers chose Skopelos for the shooting of the popular musical Mamma Mia!

They do know something, don’t they?

Skopelos com Mamma Mia Weddind scene

Let’s write down some of the basics we know for the raw diamond of the Northern Sporades.
Follow our suggestions to explore Skopelos and have unforgettable summer holidays in Greece.

Skopelos Chora walking shopping

The heart of the island beats in Skopelos Chora. Apart from shopping for special souvenirs in the wonderful market of the town, we recommend you to take a leisurely stroll up the cobbled alleys of Chora. White houses with tiny flowered courtyards and balconies decorated with bougainvillea, many small churches, and at the top dominates the Skopelos castle since the Venetian era.

Skopelos Chora, Skopelos suggestions to follow


During your walk, you should not miss a stop at Panagitsa of Pyrgos. On the edge of Chora, it stands white and stately. A small church in a unique location with a magnificent view of the Sporades Sea. The photos you take will get the most likes on Instagram.

Skopelos suggestions to follow, Skopelos Chora, Town, Skopelos Panagitsa Church


In Greece, we say that “a good day is seen in the morning”. To start the day off right you need to have eaten right. In Skopelos beach, in Chora, there are many remarkable cafes and bakeries to enjoy a rich and healthy breakfast before your trip to the beaches. We recommend Kanela, Karavia Cafe, Anemos Coffee Brunch, and bakery Kochilis.

Skopelos Anemos Brunch, Skopelos Chora, Skopelos Beach, Breakfast in Skopelos,


The folk tradition of Skopelos is intertwined with rebetiko music. The best representative of this tradition is George Xintaris with his two sons, Antonis and Thodoris,  following him deservedly. Under the Venetian castle, at the Ouzeri Anatoli you will enjoy live rebetiko music from the best in the genre. The exquisite appetizers and the incomparable view will remain indelible in your memory.

Skopelos Anatoli, suggestions to follow

Drinks and Nightlife

Skopelos Chora also offers nice evenings. Drinks with the summer breeze as a companion. Enjoy the nightlife.  We recommend Mercurius, Platano, Skala, Vrachos, La Costa, Ntokos, and ScrewDriver.

Skopelos nightlife, Skopelos Skala, Skopelos Chora

Stafilos - velanio

Stafilos Beach

Stafilos Beach is one of the most frequented beaches as it is very close to Skopelos Chora. Only 4 km away. You can go by car, moto or even on foot. The landscape is magnificent, the pine trees literally root in the blue sea waters. The beach bar and the loungers do not affect the natural scenery.

The beach was named for Prince Stafylos, he and his brother Peparithos were the first inhabitants of the island in ancient times. Skopelos constantly surprises us pleasantly, with its unique combination of natural richness and unique legends.

Skopelos Island Beaches-Scopelos Stafilos Velanio-beaches

Velanio Beach

Next to Stafilos is Velanio Beach. Definitely, a must-visit. Either you are in favor of nudism or not. Because Velanio is the official nudism beach of Skopelos. Throw your clothes and enjoy nature. At  Velanio beach in Skopelos shortly after the dreamy sunset, you will come across free-range goats that come down to drink seawater.

Skopelos Velanio Beach Seaview Aerial Photo


It is impossible to search for information about the Sporades and specifically about Skopelos and not find plenty of excellent reviews about the beachfront Adrina Hotels. (Adrina Beach 4 Stars, Adrina Resort and Spa 5 Stars).skopelos adrina hotels, best beaches in skopelos

There are numerous reasons why visiting Adrina Hotels is a prerequisite for dreamy vacations in the Northern Sporades. The unique location is amphitheatrical on the hillside, the very clean, beautiful, and quiet beach, the stunning views, the amazing seawater swimming pools, the professional staff, the friendly owners, the amazing restaurants, and taverna, and so on…

We tried hard to choose 2 suggestions to follow in the paradise on earth offered by the Adrina Hotels. Adrina Cocktail and Adrina Taverna.

Adrina Cocktail

Enjoy your summer cocktail in the sea-water infinity pool of Adrina Resort & Spa. Great variety of flavors by far in the best location on the island. Mochito, frozen daiquiris, frozen margaritas, cosmopolitan and so on. The whole Aegean has spread out at your feet in this family-oriented sanctuary. A unique luxury experience that we highly recommend. The best part of your summer vacation. skopelos adrina hotels

Adrina Taverna

Adrina Taverna is one of the best places in the Northern Sporades to eat. The perfect location, the amazing sea view, as well as the accurate and professional service, will impress you. Regarding the menu, you will get thrilled by the delicious dishes. Do not miss Lobster and Scorpina Spaghetti.

skopelos hotels adrina hotels restaurant, Skopelos Suggestions to follow

SPORADES Dive Center –  Christoforos

You spent an incredible day in a wonderful place, drinking cocktails and having a delicious dinner. Yes, it is time to return, but a little bit more adventurous this time. At Adrina Beach Hotel, in Panormos, is the Sporades Diving Center.

skopelos scuba diving dive center sporades diving, suggestions to follow

Snorkeling in the Northern Sporades and exploring the underwater world is definitely a suggestion to follow. We do not stop here though, it gets even better…Since you can visit one of the biggest shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea. Christoforos Shipwreck is underneath Panormos Beach. Dive in, do not lose it.

shipwreck skopelos, suggestions to follow

Milia- Kastani

The most popular beaches of Skopelos are certainly Milia and Kastani!

Milia Beach

The majority claim that Milia Beach is the most beautiful beach on the island. Indeed, it is like a painting…crystal clear seawater surrounded by pines… Only one look capture so much beauty! Moreover, Milia Beach offers beach bars, summer cocktails as well as summer parties. It is so big that you can use the loungers of the beach bar or put your own, dance at the party or relax on the edge without noise. Wear your swimsuit and enjoy the greek summer.

Skopelos Milia Beach Seaview Photo, suggestions to follow

Kastani Beach

Next to Milia is Kastani beach. No doubt Kastani is the most cosmopolitan beach in Skopelos. Τhis sandy beach, with its amazing turquoise seawater and the pines, has a starring role in the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia!. Green on Blue..majestic scenery…There is also a beach bar, sun umbrellas, and loungers. Once more summer cocktail and party on the go.
Put on your summer outfit and let yourself go to the rhythm of Hollywood, become the protagonist.

Skopelos Photos Scopelos Milia Kastani Sunset

Ai Giannis Kastri

Mamma Mia!, Abba Music, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, summer mood, and Skopelos landscapes. Mamma Mia!, Abba Music, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, summer mood, and Skopelos landscapes. Ai Giannis is the church that filmed the dreamy wedding scenes of the protagonists of the film Mamma Mia!

The best time of the day to visit the chapel of St. John is definitely dusk. You do not want the sun overhead while climbing the stairs… Besides, the specific time of day, along with the sunrise, makes for the best pictures for your Instagram!

Skopelos Churches Agios Ioannis Aerial Photo

Do not miss to visit Agios Ioannis in Kastri, this unique picturesque church. It is located on the north side of Skopelos, near the village of Glossa. Keep in mind that to reach the magnificent chapel of Ai Giannis means to climb 106 steps, all carved in the rock. The idyllic view is the reward of your effort.

Take a Boat

You have already been to most of the organized beaches of Skopelos. They are enchanting, they have captivated you…we are sure. Do you have a boat?

Skopelos Agnontas, Skopelos Beaches, suggestions to follow

If not, we suggest you rent one. If you feel so excited about the organized beaches you will be blown away by the hidden ones that are only accessible by boat. Mavraki, Sarres, Chlia Stefani, Ekatopenintari, Megalo Pefko, Ftelia and Neraki. If you wish visit also Tsougkria small island, between Skopelos and Skiathos.

Welcome officially to paradise on earth. We totally agree that Skopelos beaches are unique, green on blue, turquoise waters framed by pine forest.

Taste Skopelos Cheese Pie and traditional Sweets –  Buy traditional Products

The traditional dish of Skopelos cuisine is the twisted cheese pie.  It is unacceptable not to try this heavenly flavor. Handmade dough, local goat cheese, and extra virgin olive oil. The secret is the simplicity and the quality of the ingredients. You can enjoy the cheese pie at all hours of the day. Taste it and you will ring a bell on us.


To continue, Skopelos has a variety of first-quality local products. This blessed island offers also honey, olive oil, plums, and unique sweets with almonds. Not to mention the handmade soaps and cosmetics based on olive oil and natural herbs.

Recreation – Activities pick one

Skopelos perfectly combines the mountain with the sea. We have already mentioned that is the green on blue island. Therefore, there are numerous recreational activities. For mountain lovers, we highly suggest hiking and cycling. A unique experience to always remember. For the sea lovers except the diving, there is kayaking, SUP, and water sports.
Do not lose the opportunity to feel the Sporades’ green nature. Either couple, friends, or family.

Skopelos Cycling Biking Bicycle

Along with the abovementioned suggestions, follow our last TIP and have summer holidays to remember in Skopelos!


Be alert for the ship itinerary. It is not a suggestion, but a piece of useful advice to have in your mind. Sometimes, due to the weather conditions, it is possible that the ferry does not dock in Chora but goes to Agnonta Port. So, to be sure ask the port authority on the day of departure.

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